The Evil Caliphate

Here are some headlines you will never read, “Pope rapes kidnapped woman and then kills her,” or “Archbishop of Canterbury rapes female hostage and uses her as sex slave.”  But, here is a headline you will read “Caliph Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, tortures and rapes American hostage Kayla Mueller and then murders her.”   What is the difference?  The fact is that the Islamic State and its leaders are evil, they are incapable of accepting others as human beings that deserve to live.  So much for their principles and philosophy.  Their God tells them to murder anyone who disagrees with them or gets in their way.  They are in fact Islamofascists and must be destroyed.

Sexual slavery, forced marriages and sexual torture are now routinely practised in the IS, where women of non-Muslim origin, especially Yazidi girls, are being sold and bartered for small sums and often tortured and murdered.  This is based on multiple sources of information from Yazidis who have been released or have escaped to the Kurdish area in northern Syria.  These are war crimes, punishable in an international court of law, and it is hoped that eventually the leaders of the IS, if they are not killed before that, will face justice for their crimes.  These are certainly not the norms of Islamic practice.

The young Tunisian man who shot 38 innocent people dead on a beach in Sousse not only killed them, but he also destroyed the tourist industry in Tunisia and condemned many thousands of his fellow citizens to poverty and suffering.  And what for, the vain hope that he will have 72 virgins in heaven and that the Arab/Muslim world will become one Caliphate, as it was briefly over 1,300 years ago.  What nonsense!   And Westerners, including those who boycott Israel and are dupes of the Islamofascists, cannot take vacations in Arab/Muslim countries without fear of being kidnapped, held hostage and beheaded.



One thought on “The Evil Caliphate

  1. The trouble is we are all becoming desensitised to all these executions and beheadings etc. and leaders have buried their heads and we have been gagged to prevent us from linking it to Islam.


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