Mein Kampf – again

In 1925 Adolf Hitler, an obscure German nationalist, while imprisoned because of his attempt at a putsch in Munich, dictated his memoir entitled “Mein Kampf” (my struggle).  In this he explained his philosophy of the Aryan “master race” and how the Jews had undermined Germany and explained how he would take care of this problem by destroying the Jews and taking over the lands of the surrounding lesser races.  This was his blueprint that gave rise to WWII, but tragically the world largely ignored it.

The extremist Shia regime in Iran has threatened many times to destroy Israel, and not only Israel, but all the Jews.  Now the Supreme Leader of the regime, Ayatollah Khamenei (not to be confused with his predecessor the founder of the regime Ayatollah Khomenei) has written a book.  It is entitled “Palestine” and outlines in 417 pages how Iran will go about destroying Israel.  This is no idle boast, nor is it devoid of detailed intentions and plans, in fact it is a blueprint of how Iran will accomplish this national aim.  He points out that “Palestine” was part of the Islamic Empire under the Turks  (although it was never called Palestine then and he neglects the fact that it was Jewish before the Muslims conquered the area in 639 ce) and he lays out a long detailed plan for how Iran will take “Palestine” over for Islam (although Shia Islam) by using subterfuge, demonization, media and missiles (this is according to commentaries see, I have not read this book myself, it is so far published only in Parsi).

During the early years of the Khomenei regime, founded in 1979, posters appeared all over Tehran with the slogan, “The road to Jerusalem goes thru Baghdad.”   This was a justification for the sudden attack in 1980 by the Iranian Republic on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that started the Iran-Iraq war.  This cost ca. 1.5 million lives and ended in stalemate in 1988. However, after several Gulf Wars, in which the US was involved, the majority Shia population in Iraq is now highly influenced by Iran.  In effect the Shia-led Government of Iraq has no power base, the Iraqi Army is a fiction, and the power of the Iraqi Shia militias is  controlled by the Iranian National Guard and the Iranian regime.   So Iran after many years has realized the dream of controlling Baghdad.  Although it has taken them many more years than they expected, they think they are now on the road to capturing Jerusalem and destroying Israel, the Small Satan.   The next step in the plan is to destroy the Great Satan, the USA.  Ignore this plan at your peril.  Seen in this perspective the so-called Iran nuclear deal that Pres. Obama is so proud of is merely a pretext on the way towards conquest.


6 thoughts on “Mein Kampf – again

  1. Cornelius Tacticus, the famous Jew-hating Roman historian who lived from year 56 CE (approximately) to year 120 CE said:

    “Much of Judea is thickly studded with villages, and the Jews have towns as well.
    Their capital is Jerusalem. Here stood their Temple with its boundless riches.”

    The Western World (page 141) by Pearson Custom Publishing, year 2009 CE


    {1} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jews trace their historical origins to the Land of Israel.

    {2} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jerusalem is the historical capital of the Jewish state.

    {3} Muslims are LYING when they deny that the Jewish Temple existed in Jerusalem.

    {4} Notice that Tacticus mentioned “Judea” NOT ‘Palestine”.


  2. Michael B. Oren said:

    “The dangers became apparent in September 2000 as a Black Hawk helicopter transported me and my combat gear across the West Bank. The previous night, I looked out from our Jerusalem balcony and saw crimson fireworks bursting over the West Bank. Arafat had recently met with President Clinton and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David and turned down their offer of Palestinian statehood in Gaza, virtually all of the West Bank, and half of Jerusalem.

    The Palestinians were now celebrating the failure of peace.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 35) by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador of Israel to the United States), year 2015 CE, Random House, New York


  3. Michael B. Oren said:

    “Negotiating with a representative of the Libyan pirates in [year] 1786, Thomas Jefferson was told that the Quran commanded the destruction of all non-believers, Americans included.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 41) by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador of Israel to the United States), year 2015 CE, Random House, New York







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