Pollard Games

It is pure coincidence that Jonathan Pollard’s 30 year parole happens to coincide with the conclusion of the nuclear agreement between the US and Iran.  If you believe that I have bridge I want to sell you.  If you were negotiating a deal that is very unpopular in Israel and you looked around for a sop to throw the Israelis to take attention away from the Iranian deal, what would you find?  Why Pollard of course.

Pollard is and always has been a pawn in the dirty game of politics between the US and Israel.  When he was first sentenced to life imprisonment for a spying offence against an ally that has normally been given a 2-5 years sentence, a Jewish friend of mine in the State Dept. said “this is a message to all American Jews not to become too cosy with Israel.”   It was a case of public intimidation of all Jewish US Govt. employees and politicians, help Israel too much and this can happen to you, you are all suspect.  It was a variation on the “divided loyalty” accusation.

How did it happen?  I think the answer will be found in the infamous letter that then Secty. of State Casper Weinberger sent secretly to the Judge in Pollard’s case, that has not been released to the public even 30 years later.  Weinberger, who was a Jew, but passed as a Christian, in order to avoid any blame himself, obviously asked the judge to be harsh in his sentencing.  But, why?  Because he wanted to teach his former fellow Jews a lesson.

Pollard did spy against his own country contrary to law, he has now served his tremendously long sentence.  Not to allow him to come immediately to Israel would be “cruel and unusual punishment.”


6 thoughts on “Pollard Games

  1. Jonathan Pollard should be freed, of course. However, he has not helped himself – nor his case – by being unnecessarily aggressive; confrontational & provocative to many – including those trying o help him!


  2. I think you should send this to all newspapers who have a letter page. Some of us are so naive they want even realise its a bone for a doh so to speak. Well written Jack. Linda Hirsch


  3. Jack,
    To me Pollard’s unfair treatment and long sentence are proof of US anti-Semitism. I felt the same way about the execution of the Rosenbergs. Maybe the message of “don’t get too cosy with the US” is one that should be learned.


  4. Dear Jack: To be frank, the immediate release of Pollard from the US to Israel is about as likely as the immediate release of Sheinbein by Israel back to Montgomery County, Maryland, in the 1990s… and for the same reasons. These are both “Countries of Laws”, to paraphrase the Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Binyamin Netanyahu. No one is above the law. While an immediate release might be what the “Pollard-philes” (my term…) are fervently wishing for, under the regular rules and procedures of parole, the authorities don’t just load felons and convicts on an airplane and happily send them on their way. That only happens in the movies (… such as the Tom Cruise flick, “The Firm”). There are policies and procedures for re-introducing these people back into polite/civil society. Per Bibi, no one is above the law.



  5. So much disinformation out there…. here are some facts:

    Pollard pled guilty to ONE count of passing classified information to an ally, NO harm to U.S. He was NEVER fined as no profit to him.

    Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger (NOT Jewish) and others withheld info about lethal threats to Israel (Iraqi poison gas buildup, USSR weapons to Arab countries, planned attacks on Israel etc.) Pollard asked why info withheld as publicly promised – was told not to interfere. Israelis were smart ” after losing a few planes they’d figure out what radars to jam.”

    In that “Year of the Spy” Weinberger (a Saudi ally) pinned all on Pollard (John Walker, Michael Walker, Jerry Witworth, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen). In a 47 page secret memo told Judge Robinson “worst spy in history.” This was to cover up Weinberger’s complicity with the Saudis.

    AGREED UPON ONE COUNT was abrogated, Pollard got LIFE, served 7 Years in SOLITARY – to keep his story out of the public eye. Secret memo NOT shared with subsequent lawyers – told “NO NEED TO KNOW!!”

    Pollard SCREWED AND USED – to deny Jewish applicants Security advancements. Long OVERDUE for release.


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