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Letter to the Editor Jerusalem Post, published 19/7/15 (edited)

Sir:    I am writing to protest the attack by Yair Lapid on PM Netanyahu.  How can Lapid both denounce the deal made by the US and other powers with Iran and at the same time blame PM Netanyahu for this deal?  We all know that PM Netanyahu did all he could to prevent this deal from happening, he staked his political career by going to speak before the US Congress against the deal and also has led the opposition to the deal since it has been agreed.  Even the leader of the opposition Isaac Herzog has agreed to go on a speaking trip to the USA to present his own and Israel’s opposition to this deal.  The Israel public by a large margin (ca. 70%) agrees with PM Netanyahu that this deal is a bad deal and puts our country at risk. Yair Lapid should not be trying to make political capital against PM Netanyahu at this time, it will only redound to his detriment.

Jack S. Cohen

Letter to the Editor Jerusalem Post, published 23/7/15 (edited)

Sir:  I am glad to see that the IDF is changing its basic strategy (“IDF reveals new strategy…” 21/6/15), since the IDF’s approach has for too long been defensive.  I know that the IDF is supposed to be a defensive force, but supposedly the best means of defense is attack.  It seems that the changes being introduced by CoS Gabi Eisenkot are largely of a defensive nature.  But, in the past the greatest victories of the IDF were when it took dramatic offensive action, as in 1967 and 1973.  The overall strategy of any army should be to defeat the enemy and win, not merely to defend ground and prevent civilian casualties.  Let the IDF’s strategy be to defeat the enemy, not merely to defend against it.

Yours etc.
Yaakov ben Meir  (this is my pseudonym)

2 thoughts on “Recent Letters

  1. Glad to see you also send Letters to the editor.,great way to be heard, maybe make a difference. Q. Did they publish it?  Jim


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