Stopping carpet creep

The carpet in my computer room “creeps.”  It is on another carpet and it moves because of the pile below it, and in this case it moves away from the door and towards the desk all the time.  I naively thought that if I moved the carpet away from the door and under the desk it would creep less, and I also stuck all sorts of sticky tape underneath it, but it made no difference.  When about 1/3 of the carpet was under the desk and it still crept, forming amazing high “waves” I got fed up and decided I had to do something about it.

I got someone to help me pull the carpet out from under the desk while I lifted it.  Then I turned the carpet around and I put heavy objects on the carpet to smooth out the “waves.” What’s the heaviest object in the house?  Books.  So I stacked books on the carpet and flattened it and I used a very heavy box of files on the side near the door on the carpet in front of the desk, that prevented any more creep or waves being formed, for now.   In Google, to prevent carpet creep, they recommend spraying the carpet underneath with glue, but I didn’t want to do that, or putting strips of sticky tape underneath, which I had tried.  So I think I have found a novel solution to an ancient and important problem.

But, here’s the rub, how can you leave a heavy file box sitting on the carpet near the door, even if on the side.  I saw that to push the box back out of the way I needed to move the desk over by a few inches.  I decided I would do that, but being weak and not wanting to further hurt my back, I could not.  Of course, I could wait for someone to help me, but being who I am I decided to solve the problem myself.  I decided to take all the drawers out of the desk and then sit on the adjacent bed and push the desk sideways with my legs.  I figured that could not hurt my back and my legs are stronger than my arms.  In fact it worked perfectly, I pushed the desk over a few inches and then the file box moved back into the space while still sitting on the carpet and preventing creep.  Problem solved, but not quite.

Now all I had to do was replace the drawers.  A couple were easy, but the top drawer would not go in, and I discovered why, there was a metal flange sticking down from the top of the desk that prevents the top drawer being pulled all the way out.  So I had to manipulate the drawer to go under the flange and then up to slide in on the side sliders.  Easier said than done.  What happened of course was that all the contents of the drawer, that had been accumulating for 20 years, fell all over the floor.  Catastrophe!

I spent the next hour sorting through it and throwing away most of it.  It included many notes with names and tel nos. and messages to call.  They were no doubt important at the time, but now 20 years or so later I discarded them.  And many wire twists (from electrical appliances) and hundreds of rubber bands, many of them dead.  And plastic disk holders and useless devices and tags and business cards, as well as lists of names and tel nos. and old photos (these I kept) and screws and boxes of Scotch tape and push pins and … so on it goes.  At least I have done a job to help my children, although they probably would have thrown the whole lot out without even looking through it.  Come to think of it, that might have been the best solution anyway.


5 thoughts on “Stopping carpet creep

  1. This is an obvious metaphor for peace in the Middle East. Only dire measures will stop the creep of terrorism in our time. Of course, after years of accumulated plans, we could just throw them all out without looking at them. 🙂


  2. Dear Jack
    I love reading your Blogs. You make them sound soo interesting. I’ve even posted some of them on Facebook, articles re Hamas, PA isis etc.
    You should ask an arab how they make their rugs stay put cos they sell them and are experts.
    Thankyou and Shabat Shalom!
    Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


  3. Very funny – good thing you cleaned out that drawer and didn’t hurt your back ?

    But ? Why have a carpet under a desk? We have area rugs but no carpets under our desks!

    Norma Shakun


    • Actually the carpet is an area rug in front of the desk over a thin carpet underlay.  I only put it under the desk because I thought the weight of the desk might stop the creep.  It didn’t.


  4. Job well done, Jack. Now I have learned what to do if the carpet creeps up. However, on second thought, wouldn’t it have been an easier idea to just pick up the extra carpet and either roll it up, or get rid of it. Something to think about eh!. Shabbat Shalom to you all.


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