The day after?

What happens the day after it is found that Iran is in fact still developing nuclear weapons in breach of the agreement that they accepted in Vienna – when, not if?  Let’s say that in three years time, Israel manages to obtain evidence that in fact Iran is carrying out a secret program using advanced centrifuges and has amassed a large amount of highly enriched uranium that is sufficient for three bombs.  And Israel provides this information to the USA.

Hopefully the successor to Pres. Obama will not be as pro-Islamic as he is and will listen to the Israeli evidence.  But, suppose he or she decides that it would be too difficult and too costly to break the deal and certainly not wanting to go to war over a mere suspicion.   Suppose the Pres. then contacts the Iranian regime and they of course deny this evidence.  What happens then?  Do we sit and wait to see when Iran decides to actually deliver that bomb with the missiles that they are allowed to develop?

Or suppose they abide by the deal until 10 years from now when the stringency will be relaxed and they have been flush with cash and have filled their armouries with the latest Russian and German sophisticated weapons.  When they feel confident, will they then strike at Israel?  Shall we sit and wait for that while the US abrogates its role as the leader and defender of the West?  Shall Israel be forced to take the brunt of the action alone against a far larger enemy?  I think the answer to that is yes, which is why this deal is not merely what it seems on the surface, but is the beginning of US retrenchment from its role as the world’s superpower.  This is what Obama has managed to accomplish.

It heralds a time when we are all on our own.  While the forces of Islamism are gathering strength in the center of the Muslim world and in west and east Africa, and “lone wolf” attacks are on the rise in the USA.   What then?

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