No deal is a better deal

Let us examine Pres. Obama’s main points in defence of the nuclear deal he has agreed between the main powers and Iran.

1. This deal is the best deal that could be reached given Iran’s insistence on maintaining a “peaceful” nuclear program and their reasonable limitations on inspections of their military sites.   Instead of “anytime/anywhere” access by the IAEA inspectors, as was initially proclaimed, there will be a request for access, followed by a 24 day waiting period while a joint committee considers the request, and then a decision, that could be “no.”    This is a ludicrous climb-down by the US and its allies in trying to impose a limit on Iran’s nuclear capability.   Obama said you can’t hide nuclear material, which is a ridiculous claim, since both N. Korea and Pakistan developed nuclear weapons while under intense US and IAEA scrutiny and Iran itself had secret facilities that were revealed by anti-regime Iranian sources and not detected by the USA or IAEA.

2. This deal is good for Israel and the Arab allies of the US and will protect their interests, it will prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  Almost every commentator of the regions disagrees with Obama in this assessment.   No-one believes that this deal will prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon within 10 years at the maximum and so this deal will result in a drive by the Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, to develop their own nuclear weapons.  Israel supposedly has nuclear weapons, and will now more likely be tempted to use them if it felt it would be under attack by Iranian nuclear weapons.

3.  In response to Iran’s agreement to the deal the sanctions regime on Iran will be lifted in stages.  The fact that the immediate release of frozen assets once the agreement is implemented will give Iran ca. b$100 immediately that it can use to support its terrorist activities and subversion in the region from Lebanon to Yemen is not even mentioned in the deal.  In the newspaper that represents the Iranian Government view (according to Prof. Pardo of Tel Aviv University in an interview on IBA News) an editorial was published last Thursday stating that the regime will continue its intention to destroy Israel and kill all “Zionist Jews” despite this agreement and irrespective of the Palestinians.   So this agreement will result in greater instability in the region by releasing Iran from its economic limitations, rather than reducing tensions.

4.  The US will consult with Israel and the Arab Gulf States to improve their security after the Iranian nuclear deal.  No-one expects this to make any difference to the situation.  Essentially the US under Pres. Obama has abandoned its role as the major power in the ME, protecting the oil supply, and its allies are now left to fend for themselves against an increasingly powerful Iran.  The European countries and Russia and China are lining up to trade with Iran because of its bonanza of new wealth, and they will supply Iran with the latest sophisticated weapons.  No amount of US support can fend off this new dangerous situation.

5. Obama claimed that the opponents to this deal, including PM Netanyahu, have not come up with a better alternative.  The answer to this is simple, NO deal is a better deal!


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