Sympathetic Exhaustion Syndrome

I had been watching tennis at Wimbledon all week, and even though I have a rest in the afternoon before it comes on, by the time its over and its time for bed I am exhausted.    I have analysed the situation and I have come to the conclusion that I have identified a new medical condition called Sympathetic Exhaustion Syndrome (SES).  Those of you who have been following my medical adventures in the past will remember my characterization of novel “bed glue” (IsBlog 30/8/12) and “local gravity effects” (1/1/13).   But, I believe this is my most important medical discovery, because it has significant implications for the majority of the population who watch sports on television and have not until now realized its effect upon them.

This Syndrome is manifested in a degree of exhaustion from watching sports that is related to the degree of effort expended by the players being watched.  If there are a lot of players making little effort each, such as in soccer, then the effect on the watcher will be minimal and dissipated, but if it is tennis, where only two players can be playing at maximum effort for 3, 4 or even 5 hours, then the effect on the watcher can be significant.  He/she will experience feelings of exhaustion, aches and pains in his limbs, difficulty breathing and even heart palpitations.  These symptoms mimic those being felt by the players, but of course, at a lower level.

I realize that’s the reason why I have been going to bed exhausted and waking up feeling as if I had myself been participating in a five-set tennis match.  I do not believe there is any cure for this Syndrome, the best medical advice is not to watch tennis, and definitely never watch Novak Djokovic play.   This could lead to irreversible damage to the unsuspecting viewer.



2 thoughts on “Sympathetic Exhaustion Syndrome

  1. So funny, I agree with you about how Novac plays. I am out of breathe right now just thinking about it. Take care and be well.


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