Jewish excellence

There is no doubt that Jews have excelled in winning Nobel prizes, or since the Nobel prizes are the tip of the ice-berg, shall we say that Jews have excelled in scientific innovation.  Jews have played a very large part in the development of science in the 20th century, and in that respect have had a major impact on the development of western civilization as a whole.  If we look at the facts, more Jews have won Nobel prizes (total 24%) in proportion to their numbers (0.2%) than any other group (ethnic/racial) on earth (see

This is not a racist statement, it is a fact, as much a fact as that all the fastest athletes on earth are blacks derived from West Africa.  We must look for a scientific basis for these facts.  For the black athletes it has been shown that their leg muscles have a larger proportion of mitochondria than others, and this allows their leg muscles to respire more efficiently and hence they run faster (see “Taboo: Why black athletes dominate sports and why we are afraid to talk about it,” by Jon Entine 2001)

In the case of the Jews it has been theorized that the centuries of talmudic training, which develops analytical thought, rather than the dogmatic culture of Christianity and Islam, have allowed Jews to develop greater capabilities of abstract thinking.  I explained this myself some years ago in an essay I wrote (“The Catalyst ) published in Jan 1971 in a Jewish student newspaper, that it was the emancipation of the Jews in Central Europe following the reformation that enabled them to take positions not allowed to Christians.  For example, Freud’s theories were rejected by many of his colleagues, but he was able to come to novel conclusions because he was a “free thinker.”  This also went for Einstein.  In addition the left-wing ideologies were heavily influenced by Jews, e.g. Marx, Engels, Bernstein (the German Jewish originator of democratic socialism).  The anti-Semites were right, the Jews “controlled” left-wing ideology and many professions in society (law, medicine, physics).  If they had left us alone, society would have developed and improved more rapidly than it has.

Jews are not afraid to compete and to fail, thus Jews, and especially in the US, expect to fail and to learn from their mistakes and go on again to succeed.  But, other cultures are risk-averse, such as the Japanese and the Germans.  This explains why there are more start-up companies in little Israel than in the whole of western Europe combined.   Where the Jews were left alone to get on with it, as in the USA, they excelled, so many American Nobel Prizes winners have been Jews. 


4 thoughts on “Jewish excellence

  1. FYI… husband, Dov Lederberg’s brother, Joshua Lederberg, won a Noble prize in Science when he was only 33 years young.

    Keep on writing…..wonderful content.



  2. Dear Jack: I remember reading about the athletic prowess of African men and women, versus (for instance) the Eskimos. The human body, over years and centuries, adapts to the conditions and work requirements of living in some climates. Similar traits to Eskimos can be found in native (non-European) Canadians. The real and serious problem that African-Americans have been speaking about has not about their prowess on the field, it has been about their inability to crack the ceiling into the top offices of the teams and sporting organizations. And yes, by any other name, that is racism.

    The second issue, though, is a bit more subtle. “Why do Jews study more?” I think it not quite as simple as that, but maybe it is!! I think it is more a fact of child-rearing methods and children patterning themselves after adults that influence family outcomes… what a college professor many years ago called, “The Influences of Dinnertime Conversation” — If a family sits around the dinner table every night discussing school work, job work, activities, etc., the kids grow up to aspire to be trained/educated, productive members of society. If a family sits around the table discussing food stamps, job loss, bus rides, etc., the kids grow up to aspire to be on food stamps and gov’t. assistance. Now, kids can grow out of a life of government assistance to lead productive lives; and kids can fall down into that web from productive family situations. There are always going to be those that exhibit innovative and creative ways of pulling themselves up by the boot straps, or otherwise. That is why I try to avoid “blanket” statements. The problem with the “thinking” portion of your thesis, is that there is no easily-found biological solution, such as mitochondria in legs. What we do know about brain function is that synapse connections are a part of memory (the dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients seem to be losing these synapse connections…), and again, the younger brains that hear and participate in productive discussions get those early foundation/connections. Not bad for a Trombonist, huh?

    ~ R


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