IS Encroachment

The so-called Islamic State (IS, ISIS or ISIL) is encroaching on Israel.  The attacks on the Egyptian Army in Sinai were a series of coordinated attacks that killed 70 Egyptian soldiers and security personnel.  Although reportedly 100 terrorists, were killed, this was a tremendous setback for the Government of Pres. Al-Sisi, who only a few days before was at the funeral of his chief prosecutor who was assassinated by Islamic terrorists in Cairo.   The attacks were carried out by a group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State that have proclaimed their allegiance to IS.  After the attacks in Sinai the Egyptian military used planes and helicopters to counter-attack and bomb terrorist bases and were given approval by Israel to expand their military presence in Sinai which under the terms of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt are usually restricted.

PM Netanyahu sent his condolences to Pres. Al-Sisi and he closed the border with Egypt and the Israeli military presence was boosted along the Egyptian border.  An Israeli military spokesman stated that Hamas in Gaza were helping the Sinai Group both with training and weapons.  It is clear that Israel and Egypt both have interests in fighting this common enemy.   Meanwhile IS-affiliated fighters have been active on the Golan Heights.  It is true that they are outnumbered by other Islamist insurgents, such as the Al Nusrah Front that is affiliated to Al Qaeda.  There are also Hizb0llah fighters on the Golan Heights that are allied with the Syrian Army of the Assad regime.  But, as PM Netanyahu pointed out, the presence of IS units on both the Syrian and Egyptian fronts is not accidental and is certainly a threat for the future.

However, although Egypt has similar interests to Israel, the Egyptian Government is using the usual anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tropes to justify its position.  They blame Israel and the Jews for these attacks.  What could be more stupid and ignorant.  Yet, this seems to be what the stupid and ignorant Egyptian people lap up, they believe anything as long as its blamed on the Jews.


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