Internet angst

Last  month Netvision called me and offered me 100 Mb internet access at a much lower price than I was paying to Bezeq.  I accepted, but they told me I would have to cancel Bezeq.   When I realized that this would mean cancelling my e-mail address (bezeqint), I decided not to do it.   I have had Bezeq for a long time (since 2006 I think) and they provide not only my internet access, but also my e-mail address, and my telephone access.   Then Hot, who provide the computer cable connection, called me a few days ago and told me I cannot have two internet providers, I have to choose one and they can’t help me to choose.   This is called internet angst.

So I called Bezeq to find out how much I am actually paying and was told that I pay NIS 173, for 12 Mb, but they could give me an upgrade to 100 Mb for NIS 210 (a saving of 40 NIS).  So I agreed, with the intention of cancelling Netvision. But, I had difficulty getting thru to them, their English language choice did not work and there were so many options within options and the wait was so long, that I gave up and asked my daughter, Miriam, to help me.  She is not only amazingly helpful but she speaks Hebrew fluently and has a lot of patience.  She got thru to Netvision and then asked them how much was their deal, and she was told NIS 20 per month for 100 Mb.  That is incredibly cheap, if I took that it would save me a lot of money in a year (Bezeq told Miriam that I pay NIS 180 for internet, a further reduction, so that would be a saving of NIS 160 per month or ca. $480 pa).  But, what is the best choice, cost vs. convenience.  Once you start changing things they tend not to work.  But, if the Netvision deal is real it may be worth it (they can apparently charge less because they don’t have the infrastructure of Bezeq).

Then I got a call back from Bezeq, and since I could not understand the Hebrew, I requested someone who spoke English (evidently they did not want to lose my custom).  Someone called me back and explained in English why Bezeq is (of course) better than Netvision (they have a super cable from Israel to Italy) and have to charge more – but he was authorized to give me a special deal, since I was paying NIS 180 for internet service (at 100 Mb), he is able to offer me a 70% discount (!!) to NIS 54, that with the backup service and phone and cell phone for an additional NIS 30 comes to NIS 84 per month, a reduction of ca. 60% in my bill.  I told him  that I accept this offer (the difference for internet between Bezeq and Netvision is then only NIS 34 or less than $10 per month).  But, I still needed to cancel Netvision.  He said he could help me with that (noone else offered to help with this) and sent me an e-mail with an electronic cancellation.  All I had to do was click an approval and it was done (legally).  So now all is settled, I still have Bezeqint, Netvision is cancelled, and I saved myself a lot of money in the process.

2 thoughts on “Internet angst

  1. It is so inconvenient to change providers. We have our TV telephone and broadband with Sky. It has now got very expensive but there is no alternative to Sky TV for us. I tried phoning Sky and asking why they offer so many things for new customers and, for old customers, nothing. People say we should threaten to leave but, unfortunately there is no alternative so we are stuck with it. Also if you change you have to inform everyone of your change of email address .


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