Buying a mattress

One morning about three weeks ago I woke up with an excruciating pain in my lower back.  No doubt some of you have had a similar experience.  It was so bad that at first I could not get up, it felt as if my upper and lower halves were not connected.  I had to turn sideways and push myself off the bed with my hands to actually stand up.  Naturally I took pain-killers and amazingly in a day it had largely gone.  This had happened to me before, ironically twice when I had been on cruises.  But, the connection to my mattress was clear.  I had bought a new mattress some years ago in Israel, but I had purchased a medium firm mattress, that by now was too soft for me.  So after going to the doctor, who confirmed after some tests that it was muscular, I decided to buy a new firmer mattress.  In the meantime I put a thick cardboard box (doubled) in my bed on top of the mattress and it seems to work well.

I searched Google for “mattresses Netanya” and came up with ten different retail outlets.  Since several of them were located in the new industrial zone (atar ta’asia hahadash) at Poleg in southern Netanya I decided to go there.  I parked in the BIG Shopping Center (yes, it’s called “Big” in Hebrew) and walked to a nearby address called the Netanya Mattress Center.  There was no such firm there, but instead a series of smaller firms many of them selling mattresses.   I saw first the ad for Sealy Posturepedic (all American brands are sold here) and so I went into a store named “Night Sleep” spelt in Hebrew letters.  There were two friendly men in the store, I think they were quite surprised to see me walk in just after they opened to buy a mattress.  But, fortunately I had forgotten to measure the size of my twin bed, so I could only get a price from them.  I told them I wanted a firm one and tried various mattresses and decided the firmest was best.  They recommended polyurethane instead of metal coils, because it lasts longer (10 years guaranteed).  The price for what I thought was my size was NIS 2000 ($526), with a discount to be subtracted later).

I went a bit further into another store that sold both King Koil and the Israeli version called Aminach.   The same story, but this time the quote was NIS 3177 ($836) for the firmest twin-size mattress.  Finally I went back into BIG and into the American Comfort (sign in English) store.  Their mattresses were much thicker and very firm, but the price quoted was NIS 5165 ($1359).  I was astounded at the price range and the cost of a mattress, my son had sent me a picture of an ad in Costco for the same kind of mattress for $259!   But, Israel is not the US.  Anyway I called the Sealy guy, the first one I went into, gave him the size, and he said he would give me 20% discount, so I ordered the mattress for NIS 1,800 ($474).  It’s not only the cheapest one, but since we have Sealy Posturepedic already I believe I can trust it.   Also, their delivery charge was NIS 150, while the others were 250 and 260, respectively.  I’m now waiting two weeks for the delivery.  I hope my back holds out until then.


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