Terrorism and hypocrisy

Two young Israeli men went for a swim in a pool on Shabbat.  On their way out, they were approached by a Palestinian who asked them about the pool.  As they were telling him, he pulled out a gun, shot them, then ran away.  The driver, Danny Gonen (25), was killed and the passenger injured.  He was able to tell the police what happened and there is now an Israeli manhunt on for the shooter in the West Bank.  An Israeli policeman was stabbed today by a Palestinian youth while on guard at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.  He managed to shoot the attacker, who died later in hospital.  This is the situation in Israel, we live under the constant threat of Palestinian terrorism.

Although a large proportion of the West Bank is under Palestinian Authority control and is not “occupied” by Israel, the IDF goes into the area in pursuit of terrorists when necessary.  If they could not, then the killers would get away with it every time.  If they know there is a price to pay this may to some extent deter them.  The terrorist organization Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, although the Israeli police said that they cannot confirm this yet until they find the shooter.

The situation is somewhat similar to the shooting of blacks in the USA, the latest case being the shooting of 9 people in a Church in South Carolina.  Each incident is separate, but they derive from a general hatred, taught by parents and society.  In the case of the Palestinians they are taught to hate Jews from birth and even in school.  The only way to stop them is to make the price for attacks too high.  That is why Israel had to destroy a lot of houses and buildings in Gaza, to teach them a lesson for firing rockets at our civilians for 8 years!

Of  course, people were killed in Gaza, some 1,000 terrorists and ca. 1,200 civilians.  Whatever the exact numbers, they are tiny compared to the civilian cost of wars going on in Syria (ca. 300,000 killed) and elsewhere.  That is why PM Netanyahu labelled UN Secty Gen. Ban ki Moon’s mention of Israel in a speech on children in war in the same category as Syria and Iraq as  “hypocrisy,” when anyone who knows the truth and has ever visited Israel will know that is a damnable lie that the IDF targets children.


4 thoughts on “Terrorism and hypocrisy

  1. About your chat about WW1 there was another reason for the Balfour declaration. If Haim Weizman hadn’t managed to create a way to make cellulose in the lab Britain could have lost the war. No cellulose no more bombs. When asked what he wanted – he asked for a homeland for the Jews.


  2. Jack, An interesting comparison between the southern white hatred of blacks and the Palestinian hatred of Jews. I do see parallels.  Bu when you say “In the case of the Palestinians they are taught to hate Jews from birth and even in school.  The only way to stop them is to make the price for attacks too high. ”  I only partly agree. I think that while it is necessary to make the price of attacking very high, and I agree with the Israel response policy, it is not stopping them. By any reasonable measure, there are more Palestinians (and Muslims everywhere) willing to commit terror against Israelis than ever.  I think the ultimate way to stop them is to get their government (such as it is) to stop teaching hatred, and start teaching co-existence. As part of any 2 state solution, the Palestinian government must commit to stopping their anti-Israeli propaganda to begin pro-Israeli, peaceful co-existence messages. Even then, as can be seen in the US South, it will take many decades, maybe centuries to resolve.  What I don’t understand is why this issue is not more prominent in Israeli government messages about the peace process.  Bob


    • Unicef runs the schools and the UN cannot stop it because the Palestinians run Unicef.
      Abbas has no need to make peace as then Europe and the US will stop sending lots of money that they distribute to anyone that kills an Israeli or commits a terrorist act. They are donated tons of amazing meat from New Zealand, Argentina and other places – but the Palestinian Authority gives the meat to family and friends and you can buy it cheaply from Abu Ali outside Ariel. Absolutely no reason to change. They are making a fortune and the Palestinians – well they work in Israel if they can. The situation is sad because the world makes Israel out to be the problem and that just makes the situation worse. A few years ago the son of the Hamas leader tried to change things and became an Israeli informant to keep his father alive. See his story on YouTube – Son of Hamas. That video explains a lot. He is now a Christian living somewhere in the US. The whole world is now part of the same problem.


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