Anti-Israel hypocrisy

The British National Student Union voted by a majority in a secret ballot in its Executive Committee to boycott Israeli universities.  Presumably this is because Israeli universities are committing horrible atrocities and human rights abuses against Palestinian Arabs.  Can anyone name these atrocities, give details, give any kind of documentation of these abuses?  No, of course not, since they don’t exist.  It is a fact that the British Student Union has always been very left-wing and is controlled by pro-Palestinian elements who will do anything to demonize Israel.  As PM Netanyahu himself pointed out, this is the same Union that chose less than a year ago not to condemn the human rights abuses of the Islamic State, that has been beheading, burning people alive and generally massacring thousands of people, including Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and Shia Muslims.   So much for the British version of “fair play.”

Another source of anti-Israel rhetoric is of course that famous oracle, Pres. Obama.  In an interview with an Israeli journalist he stated that PM Netanyahu does not really support the “two-state solution” to the conflict and that he puts too many conditions that make any negotiations less likely and that this makes it difficult for the US to support Israel when world opinion is against Israel.   In other words, the US will follow the views and policies of the third world, rather than those of its best ally in the Middle East, Israel.   He did not mention the impossible pre-conditions that the Palestinians put on any renewal of negotiations.   However, this is not a  surprise, Obama is constantly justifying his lack of sympathy and support for Israel.  Yet, he has our back, as he has told us numerous times, we can rely on him (for sure!)

Jibril Rajoub is the Commissioner of the Palestine Football Association of the PA.  In this capacity he tried to get the Israel Football Association expelled from the International agency FIFA at its recent Congress.  His move was unsuccessful, since he could not get the required three-quarters majority of the member nations, so he was forced to drop the resolution, although he warned that this is not the end of his attempt.  He was greatly criticized among Palestinians for not having succeeded in expelling Israel as he had boasted he would.  Who is Rajoub?  He was a terrorist, throwing grenades at IDF soldiers during the first intifada.  He was caught and imprisoned and spent several years in and out of jail.  He joined Yasir Arafat in exile in Tunisia and returned with him to Palestine in 1992.  He rose inside Fatah to be Head of the Palestine Preventive Security Force in 2002, a well known repressive force.   He is also the Head of the Palestine Olympic Committee and has vowed to expel Israel from the Olympic movement.  Yet this terrorist is accepted as the legitimate representative of the Palestine people in the world of sport.

One of the chief origins for all this anti-Israel rhetoric is the perceived wisdom that Israel is “occupying” the West Bank, which is considered to be “Palestinian (or Arab) Land.”  Consequently any Jewish settlements constructed on that Land are therefore considered to be “illegal.”  Leaving out the earlier history of this land (from the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations Mandate to Great Britain of 1922,  that supports Jewish claims), I am indebted to Eli Hertz ( for pointing out a salient fact.   In the Oslo Agreement signed between Palestinian representatives and Israel in 1993, that in fact established the Palestine Authority and is its legal basis for existence, the West Bank was divided into three parts, labelled A, B and C.   Detailed maps were drawn up by the two sides that were signed and agreed to.   Area A was under full Palestinian control to constitute the PA, Area B was under joint PA/Israeli security control and Area C was entirely under Israeli control.   Since most Israeli settlements are built in Area C, they are actually legal under the Oslo Agreement that was signed by the representatives of the Palestinians and Israel.  Anyone who doesn’t accept this is merely biased without consideration of the facts.  The Oslo Agreement was in fact the last agreement/treaty signed by the two sides and if anyone thinks the Oslo Agreement is null and void then they must also accept that the PA would then no longer have any legal basis for its existence.  You can’t have it both ways, either the PA is legal and then the settlements are legal or the settlements are illegal and so then would be the PA.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Israel hypocrisy

  1. Jack, Can you send this as a letter to the editor of some mainstream newspapers? Probably will be put aside, but really should be read! Best regards, Bunny


  2. Thunderous words from Eli Hertz, what well crafted endorsements of the facts. It never fails to amaze me how the history of the Jews has been perpetually “adjusted” to suit the high basket minds of those who should know so much better!

    Many thanks Jack


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