Palestinian criminality

A report by Amnesty International has exposed the murderous excesses of the Hamas regime in Gaza.  This is unusual because AI is generally biased against Israel in its Reports.  Entitled “Strangling necks: Abduction, torture and killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict,” this Report exposes the extra-judicial murders and “spine-chilling” war crimes carried out by Hamas against its own people, most of whom were suspected of being either collaborators with Israel or members of Fatah, its Palestinian enemy that controls the West Bank.  At least 23 people were either dragged out of their homes or out of detention centers or prisons and summarily executed.  Some were subjected to horrific tortures, including one, Atta Najjar, a former PA policeman, who was serving a 15 year prison sentence for “collaboration”, a sentence that was imposed to remove former PA police from society.  Najjar’s body showed signs of extensive torture, including many broken bones, 30 bullet holes and a smashed brain.  Dozens were tortured but survived with injuries.

This all took place under cover of the Israeli Operation Defensive Shield, and can be seen as both an opportunity by Hamas to remove enemies among Palestinians and to intimidate others.   It was clearly an official Hamas operation since it was given the name “Strangling necks.”   Further the Hamas administration were at first not shy about these killings since several of them were filmed by journalists, as men were dragged out into the street and summarily shot in the head and then their bodies dragged around tied to motorcycles.   The Report was authored by Philip Luther, Head of the Middle East Program at AI.  He pointed out that while Hamas calls for “justice for Palestinians” they act in a manner that shows no respect for justice for their own Palestinian people.

Meanwhile the PA has lied to the EU and its foreign donors about its program of paying  stipends and salaries to convicted terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails and after their release.  The EU in particular, that is the major donor of billions of euros to the PA, complained about this travesty.  In response, the PA in Aug 2014 closed down its Ministry of Prisoner Affairs that was paying the stipends.  But, Palestinian Media Watch has published a Report that exposes the fact that the PA instead opened a PLO Commission on Prisoners under the same former Minister Issa Karake, all under Pres. Mahmud Abbas’ overall supervision, that performs the same task and pays the same salaries to the same terrorists.  According to this Report the PA paid m$144 to the prisoners and their families last year, while at the same time pleading total poverty and being unable to pay salaries to its own workers.  The Report accuses the PA of deliberately lying and deceiving its donors into believing that the payments to the terrorists had been stopped.  One wonders if the EU will actually act on this exposed deception by the PA.


One thought on “Palestinian criminality

  1. Jack,
    I read this article about AI just after seeing news reports of ugly BDS supporters demonstrating strongly against Israel. How good it would be if your blog were to appear in major newspapers to educate these BDS people about the danger Israel faces from Hamas, who enjoy warm support in what they hope will be the second Palestinian state (two state solution!). Would they want to give such barbarians the right to live on higher ground overlooking their major population centers. Hamas refuses to agree that their new state would be demilitarized. Come on, you liberal BDS fascists. Learn the facts already.
    Ida Plaut


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