Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism

Barry Shaw has released his second book, with the title “Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.”  His first book, “Israel Reclaiming the Narrative,” was a strong defense of Israel’s position in the world and an effective retort to all those who unfairly and unjustly accuse Israel of all sorts of crimes.   His latest book focuses of the more recent phenomenon of anti-Israelism, expressing itself as part of the demonization of Israel through the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) movement, that is popular in western countries and on many campuses, and as anti-Semitism.

In fact, Barry’s analysis is that anti-Semitism is really the driving force behind much of the anti-Israel/BDS movement, although many of the so-called liberals who participate in it strongly deny that.  He also identifies what he calls the “Malmo syndrome”, based originally on the threat in 2011 by the Swedish mayor of Malmo that has a very large Muslim minority that “Jews should give up support for Israel or face justified violence.”   This Barry sees as the latest trend in the evolution of the anti-Israel movement, namely by intimidation to try to separate diaspora Jews away from their support for Israel.  Similar examples have cropped up in England, Ireland and S. Africa.

Barry spoke at the AACI to introduce his new book.  He started by mentioning Hans Litten, a German Jewish lawyer who had subpoened Adolf Hitler in 1931 and cross-examined him for 3 hours in court.  Of course, it made no difference, and Hans Litten was arrested and was tortured and executed.  Yet, now there is a bust of him in the Berlin Law Court.  Barry pointed out that a “critical” argument means a reasoned one, not an irrational argument based on hatred.

The BDS and other extremists who are actively anti-Israel say that they support a “two-state solution,” but in fact they are working towards a Palestinian State in place of Israel.  If you ask them what will be the situation after the formation of a  Palestinian State none of them talk about peace, and certainly there are no guarantees of peace for Israel.  Most of the pro-Palestinian activists have no idea that the Hamas Charter has the same aims as those of the Islamic State.  Barry quotes the whole Hamas Charter in his book, as well as that of the Palestine Authority and Fatah that is taken directly from the former PLO charter and all of them state the same aims, namely to replace Israel.  Thus all factions of the Palestine movement show no pretence to support a “two-state solution.”

The “two-state solution” is supported by most European countries and the EU.  Yet the EU and many European countries pour millions of euros into the PA and so-called “human rights’ organizations” in Israel, such as Adala, Zochrot and Ir-Amim, that support a one-state solution, namely the replacement of Israel by Palestine, which they openly state this in their literature.  How is it that such a situation is allowed to persist, it can only be due to biased anti-Jewish hatred throughout Europe, where there are NO human rights organizations that support Israel and hardly a single pro-Israel article can be found in any European paper.  Barry mentioned the book “Catch the Jew” by Tuvia Tenenbom that exposes many examples of this, for instance two European girls who were sent to find the original “Palestinian” names of the streets of Tel Aviv, not knowing that Tel Aviv was founded and built entirely as a Jewish/Israeli city.

Certainly there is a great  deal of ignorance and prejudice involved in the war against Israel.  To fight it is almost impossible, but in order to do so Barry Shaw’s book is an important resource (it is available on


One thought on “Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism

  1. Regarding the issue of Islamic Reform that is noted on your site- I have a site devoted to exploring the religious ideas that are behind the violence that we see in religions like Islam ( There is no more influential religious idea than the idea of violence in God- humanity’s highest ideal and authority. This ideal of violent deity (i.e. God using violence to solve problems) has long validated violence in human life and society.

    I trace the descent of this idea over history and its immensely damaging impact on human consciousness (i.e. from Sumerian myth down into Zoroastrianism and Western religions, and then into secularized versions such as “revenge of Gaia”).

    All three Western religions- Judaism, Christianity, Islam- share the same core template of ideas, that of apocalyptic mythology. This apocalyptic mythology is rooted in the foundational idea of violent, punitive, and vengeful deity.

    Contemporary Islam continues to feed on the mother theology of Christianity to drive its violent apocalyptic movement (for detail see David Cook’s “Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature”). We do not solve the problem of violence thoroughly and for the long term until we fully humanize the core of all three faiths. Most critical is the humanization of the core ideal of deity.

    We have the potent alternative to violent deity mythology- the “no conditions” reality of authentically humane existence. Again, see

    Regards, Wendell Krossa


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