The Izlamization of Europe

An item in the news caught my attention.  The Italian police arrested a group of illegal Muslim immigrants who were rescued from a sinking ship crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.  They were arrested  because they allegedly threw over-board and killed a group of 21 Christians.    Note the cynicism of this action, they are illegal immigrants to “Christian” Europe, where they can be treated compassionately and be allowed to settle and work and improve their lives.   But, on the way they murder many Christians.  Is that not disgusting?

I do not yet know the details of this crime, it was reported that there had been an argument between the Muslims and the Christians.  We do not know the nature of this argument, was it religious, theological or merely practical.  It takes the question of who you would throw out of the boat to its logical conclusion.  If there is not enough room for everybody, the Muslims will throw everyone else out.  It is possible that some Christian survivors turned them in, or the crew, or even some fellow Muslims.  But, let’s be clear, when they reach shore and are released into Europe, as they are being at the rate of ca. 500 per day (!), they eventually mean to throw the Christians out of steamship Europe and make it into their own Muslim State (or Caliphate).

Although all Muslims are not so extreme, in such a  situation the extremists always prevail.  We in Israel have seen this for over a hundred years, even though many Palestinians want peace and the ability to work and have a good life, the extremists always control the situation.  You always have the “rejectionists” who intimidate and kill their fellow Muslims if they show any sign of compromise.   Thus, even now in Syria, not so far away, you have the Islamic State fighters killing the Palestinians as well as the al Qaeda affiliate al Nusrah front.  They kill each other without qualms because they do so in the name of Allah and there is no possibility of compromise and/or tolerance.  They removed all the Jews in their midst and now they are destroying Churches and killing all the Christians.  Soon they will be doing the same in Europe.  They came for us, soon they will be coming for you.


One thought on “The Izlamization of Europe

  1. An eloquent cry from the heart. Fate has set the Jews in the midst of these barbarians, yet the anti-Semites show us no sympathy. Your last sentence should be a much needed warning to the Christians of Europe.


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