Changing realities

PM Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is having its influence.  Both the US Administration and Iranian sources have reported that the end game for the agreement being negotiated between the US and P4+1 group and Iran over its nuclear program will not have a ten year end limit, after which they could legitimately carry out unlimited uranium enrichment.  This was one of Netanyahu’s main criticisms of the pending agreement, but as Bibi has said “The US have now moved the goal posts.”  Also, the letter from 47 Republican Senators to the Supreme leader of Iran Khamenei has put them on notice that such an agreement is hardly worth the paper it would be written on.

In another recent statement, Netanyahu said that there will be no further territorial concessions to the PA.  He explained that in light of the current situation in the Middle East any territory that might be evacuated by Israeli forces would likely be taken over by hostile terrorist organizations, and therefore his prior support for a “two-state solution” has become “irrelevant.”  It is unknown to what extent this statement is mainly political in nature to garner right wing voting support for Likud, or whether it is a dig at the Obama Administration that puts great stock in resolving the Palestinian-Israel dispute, that it considers quite illogically to be the basis for all Middle East conflicts.  However, it does signal the end of further negotiations with the PA.

There have been several stages in this deterioration.  First was the decision by the PA under Pres. Abbas to take unilateral steps at the UN to gain recognition of a Palestine State, without reference to Israel.  This is against all relevant UN resolutions as well as contrary to the Oslo Accords that require bilateral negotiations.  Then in retaliation Israel stopped payment of tax revenues it collects for the PA in Israel, some of this money will then be used to pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars that the PA owes Israel for water, gas and electricity that Israel supplies to the PA, but they don’t pay for.   In retaliation for this move, the PA has announced that they will cease all security cooperation with Israel, but they will wait until after the election results are known in case a left-wing government more sympathetic to their cause is elected.

Frankly the boat has sailed on the so-called “two-state solution,” but the EU and US leadership are so immune to reality that they cannot even see the smoke diminishing on the horizon.  In an era of Iranian nuclearization and IS beheadings, the Palestine problem is so irrelevant that it is only fit for discussion on British and American campuses by trying-to-be -hip leftists.


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