The Israeli-Palestinian test

This is a test that should be administered to all of those who think they understand the Israel-Arab conflict and who are happy to give their opinion, often unencumbered by consideration of the facts.   Its conclusion is the answer to the question, would you rather be an Israeli or a Palestinian?  Here goes:

Topic Israel Palestinians
People founded 5000 bce 1967 ce
State founded 2000 bce none
Population 8 million (incl 20% Arabs) 4 million (Gaza & West Bank)
GDP per capita $35,000 $3,000
Judiciary Independent Political control
Armed forces IDF Many terrorist orgs.
State policy Defensive Aggressive
Form of Government Democratic Republic Military control
Life expectancy 80 70
Food supplies Self-sufficient Dependent on imports
Water Desalination Dependent on Israel
Energy supplies Natural gas and solar None
Start-up companies Second in world Few
Technology Advanced Primitive

So, given the above facts, if you were forced to choose, who would you rather be, a Palestinian or an Israeli.  If you choose the former you are being irrational.  Yes, some people like to suffer, but give me a break.  And look at the record, notwithstanding total Arab/Muslim support (including financial support from the US and EU as well as total UN support) for 67 years the Palestinians are divided mainly between Hamas and the PLO (Fatah) and have failed to form a State.  Their only response to the current situation is continuing to attempt to destroy Israel.  It has not worked in the past and it will not work in the future, in fact the gap is increasing with time.  That’s why I proudly choose to be an Israeli!

In addition to the above the PLO and the PA have recently been found guilty in a NY Court of being responsible for the deaths of 11 US citizens, out of ca. 500 killed, in terrorist incidents between 2002-2004, and have been fined m$280, an amount that has been tripled due to the US anti-terrorism laws.  The PA has appealed, but is likely to have to pay ca. b$1 when it depends entirely for its existence on the kindness of strangers.  Also, an Egyptian court has recently categorized Hamas of the Gaza Strip as a terrorist organization.  They cannot be happy about these developments,   both the PA and Hamas are on the point of collapsing.


2 thoughts on “The Israeli-Palestinian test

  1. That’s why I proudly choose to be an Israeli!

    I doubt that you could be a Palestinian should such a state be recognized. My friend’s Mom was born in Palestine and came to the US before there was a state of Israel. She is a Palestinian by birth.


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