No dams

There were reports in Al Jazeera and the London Daily Mail and elsewhere that Israel deliberately opened floodgates on dams in southern Israel to flood Gaza.  Wrong, a pure falsehood, there are no dams in southern Israel, as anyone familiar with the area could have told any journalist who would have enquired.  Some journalists will believe anything.  Both media outlets were forced to retract the story and apologise.  It was simply the annual flooding of Gaza that takes place every year during the rainy season, mainly because Hamas which controls Gaza, has no interest in practical efforts at flood control.  They are using the millions of dollars they get from the UN and Arab sources to rebuild tunnels and other military infrastructure.  

Another false story is that Israel is somehow responsible for the slow rebuilding of Gaza.  This is not true, the reason for the absence of activity in rebuilding homes in Gaza is that of the b$5 pledged in aid to rebuild Gaza, mainly from Arab countries at the conference held last year in Cairo, barely 2% of the money has actually been given.  But, this is not a new phenomenon in the Arab world, they are big on promises to help the Palestinians, but really they don’t care and actually never fulfil their promises.  However, rather than admit this, it’s easier to blame Israel, as usual.  There are reports that Israel is blocking the entry of building materials into Gaza, this is partly true, but only if the end use is not clearly defined.  If the materials are paid for (usually by UNRWA) then they are in fact imported from Israel into Gaza.  So if UNRWA claim that at this rate it will take 100 years to rebuild Gaza, don’t blame Israel!

One would have thought that by this time the media would be fully aware that any stories that come out of Gaza or the PA that blame Israel for their own faults are usually fabricated.  We have seen hundreds of such false stories, the so-called “massacre of Jenin,” the fictitious “shooting of Mohammed al-Durah,” the staged shootings of civilians in Gaza and so on.  Would you believe any stories that come from Boko Haram, Al Shabbab, the Taliban, al Qaeda, or IS?  Simply do not believe any stories that come out of the terrorist-dominated Palestinian areas.



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