Islamic targets

There were notable similarities between the attacks by Islamic gunmen in Paris and Copenhagen, in both they targeted freedom of speech (Charlie Hebdo and the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks) and Jews.  I suppose that we Jews should be gratified that we are identified with freedom of speech, for it is certainly something that we as a minority support strongly throughout the western world.  

However, multiculturalism does not work, because all minorities are not equal, Jews and Muslims are very different.  Jews basically accept the status quo in each country and try to be good citizens like their Christian neighbors.  Contrary to anti-Semitic stereotypes, Jews don’t try to take-over their society, whereas Muslims do.  They want to destroy the status quo and replace it by their own laws, Sharia law.  This is not only the aim of all politically motivated Islamists, but also of all good Muslims.  

Note that the organization that we call the Islamic State does not call itself the Islamist State, but simply the Islamic State, and it does the atrocities that it does, beheading and burning people alive, in the name of Islam.  Furthermore, media organizations that call it the “Islamic State organization” or “terrorist organization” are missing the point, it really is building a state in the center of the Middle East, between Syria and Iraq, that controls territory and collects taxes.  But, it plans to establish a super-state called the Islamic Caliphate, that would cover the whole Muslim world and eventually the whole world.  

It already has satellite locations in Nigeria (Boko Haram), Somalia (AL Shabab), Yemen (Houthis) and Libya.   It is expanding, but the Obama Administration is forbidden to call it by its name, according to Pres. Obama it is not the real Muslims, it is some other kind of extremists that have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.   This naieve self-deception is preventing the West from coming to terms with the true threat we face.


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