The Israelization of Europe

What do I mean by “the Israelization of Europe,” I mean that Europe is becoming more and more like Israel.  In other words, containing a hostile Islamic minority, no-go regions where non-Muslims are attacked and knifed, public places (theaters, malls, synagogues) guarded by armed police and army, constant attacks on civilians and police, altogether a sense of violent insurrection.   Now they know what it’s like, this is how we in Israel have lived and increasingly following the recent attacks in Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen, this is how Europe lives and it will get worse and it will spread throughout Europe.  I could have named this article “the Islamization of Europe,” but some politically correct readers might have objected.

The liberal response to this increasingly violent climate of hate and death is to look for ultimate causes, to blame oneself for not tackling the deprivation and persecution of the poor Muslim minority.  But, an honest approach would admit that this minority, the Muslims (unlike the Jews), do not want to integrate, they want to be separate, and they see their self-imposed exclusion as a prelude to the take-over of secular Europe and the substitution of their ordained superior belief system, together with the imposition of sharia law.  When it gets to that stage, with a few more million hostile Muslims and a greater resort to violence, then French women will be required to wear the shador and forget about fashion shows, and there will be no more music and certainly no dancing in Copenhagen.   Then there will be purity patrols on every street corner, as there are in Iran, Saudi Arabia and of course in the so-called Islamic State, that will beat women who show any hair or legs.

It’s a war and its up to the remaining European people, and I don’t mean extreme nationalists, but those who value their freedom of choice, who support the rights of minorities and women and are against violence, intimidation and suppression.  In every European country where there is a large Muslim population, even if  most of them are passive, nevertheless they passively support the Islamists against the seculars, and there will be an increasing need to use violence to fight the Islamists for the freedom of expression and belief.

Before I said that’s how we live in Israel, but I misled you, I should have used the past tense, “lived like that”; during the second intifada (1999-2002) that indeed was the situation.  But, we overcame that, we improved our intelligence collection, we built a wall (the security fence) around the worst areas (the West Bank) to prevent easy access for terrorists and we increased our vigilance.  Constant patrols and  checkpoints have reduced the terrorist incidents by 90%.  We still have incidents, like the murder of 3 boys on the West Bank that triggered the Gaza War, the murder of 4 rabbis in a synagogue in Jerusalem, the attack on a bus by a man with a knife in Tel Aviv that wounded 10, and so on.  But, its a lot better and more controlled now.  So I can confidently say that European Jews have more to fear by staying in Europe than by coming to live here in Israel.


2 thoughts on “The Israelization of Europe

  1. Jack. Thank you so very much for putting our feelings into words. We need thousands more like you to get the word out.Keep up the excellent work. Thanks once again. Stay well, both of you.


  2. Dear Jack:
    Actually, the “Israelization of Europe” and the “Islamization of Europe” mean very different things, and point towards very different processes and outcomes.
    With “Islamization”, Europe’s politics and societal norms are moving away from democracy and moderation, and towards more radical, violent Islam and sharia law – a theocracy, much like the Islamist Republic of Iran. And apparently, France’s Jews — along with other European Jews — are voting on this one with their feet. They are moving to Israel, and to the US and other safer havens.
    Seeing this, President Hollande is almost begging them not to go.
    With “Israelization”, Europe is trying to close its protective “cocoon”, and is moving to a more proactive, defensive strategy. To some this is like shutting the barn door after the horses get out (or get in…), and the move has more to do with security than with theology, politics and society.
    Some people find the omnipresence of troops and the perpetual wartime footing to be comforting and reassuring. Some do not, and see the expenditures as a waste of limited resources, that could be better spent on education, health care and such.
    But then, as Bibi once told an American diplomat, he “… lives in a different neighborhood.”
    From sunny, snowy WDC… my two-cents’ worth… worth exactly what you’ve paid!!

    ~ Ron


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