The f—- word

Yes, I had another flood!  Again it was from the pipe leading down from the water tank or cistern to the toilet in our bathroom, which I thought I had fixed.  Water was running down the outside of the  pipe and onto the floor.   I tried to turn the water off at the local tap (faucet) but it would not turn off.  I even did it with a wrench, but I saw that the tap was beginning to break, so I stopped.  Since water was still dripping out of the connector that I detached from the cistern I had to arrange it so that it dripped into the toilet, which I did with several strands of sticky tape attached to the walls.  I realized this was once again a job for my smiling plumber Amram, and it always happens on Friday.  So I called him in the morning and he said he would come in the afternoon.

He took one look at the tap that controlled the water to the cistern, smiled and went away and got a replacement which was smaller and certainly easier to turn off.   When he had fixed that then he replaced the “O” ring that seals the pipe from the bottom of the cistern.  But, then he discovered something that I had overlooked, the cistern was too high and so the pipe hardly fit into the hole in the bottom of the cistern, it was too short.   That was why it kept leaking.  But, instead of drilling new holes in the ceramic tiles to lower the cistern, he forced holes in the back of the plastic cistern itself, which lowered it enough (say half an inch) so that when he screwed it into the wall the pipe now fitted inside the hole at the bottom of the cistern and the screw around the pipe could now be tightened and the new “O” ring then sealed the connection.

He also replaced the leaking washer in the tap (faucet) in the small sink in the toilet, which was always dripping.  So now no more leaks and no more drips (what will I have to write about?).   I discovered that my attempts to deal with these problems were temporary, and that in the end I had to call in the professional.  No wonder Amram is always smiling.


4 thoughts on “The f—- word

  1. This problem always comes on a Friday, but not just for you. One Pesach a few years ago, we were cleaning the oven and somehow we broke it. No smiling fix it man would come in time, so we called around and found a place to have the seder. These things never happen on a regular day!
    Thanks for the amusement, and stay safe,
    Shabbat Shalom to you and Naomi.


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