On moral equivalence

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC Pres. Obama told the audience that they should not feel morally superior to Muslims committing atrocities because Christians too carried out atrocities against others, and he named the Crusades and the Inquisition as examples.   While what he said is true, and I have said this myself, it is alright for me to point out the moral equivalence of Christians and Muslims, but not for the President of the United States, particularly at a time when the US and western civilization is faced by a severe  military challenge from Muslim extremism.

As critics of Obama’s speech have pointed out, those Christian atrocities were hundreds of years ago (actually the Inquisition stopped burning people less than 200 years ago), but the western world has moved on since then, and in fact has become secularized, while the Muslim world is still basically backwards and primitive.   This is not only my evaluation, a committee of the UN made up of prominent Muslims also concluded this a few years ago.   And since the Crusades and the Inquisition, we have only had the Holocaust (a minor disruption), not to mention the current wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe and the West, fueled by the influx of Muslims into Europe.

While anti-Judaism is endemic to Islam, as described in the Koran, there is no doubt that it received a strong impetus from Nazi anti-Semitism prior to and during WWII.  The Ba’ath (renaissance) Party that was the party of Assad of Syria and of Saddam Hussein, was founded by a Lebanese Christian, Michel Aflaq, who was heavily influenced by contemporary French fascism.   So the chicken came home to roost so to speak, from France and back to France.

Although the Japanese were shaken by the beheading of two Japanese journalists by the IS, perhaps they have forgotten that the Japanese forces used beheading as a routine means to murder captured Allied servicemen during WWII, not to mention the terrible tortures, starvation and slave labor that they practised.   But, that was before Japan was atom-bombed to bring them in line with western civilization that values human life (ironic, yes).

And Jordan that has gone on a crusade (well that may not be the right word) to destroy IS because they burned their pilot alive, was guilty of terrible atrocities in Jerusalem during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, when the Jordanian Arab Legion used artillery to shell the Old City of Jerusalem, killing unknown numbers of Jewish civilians.  But, let bygones be bygones.  As long as they are on the right side (our side) now.  That’s moral equivalence.


One thought on “On moral equivalence

  1. Really well stated, Jack!

    Thank you – shall be forwarding this one to all and sundry.

    Hope all well.

    Very best,


    It seems that I reduced my local green  party parliamentary  candidate to near apoplexy, when he labelled me a racist – for smiling at the paucity of his argument when talking about the millions of Palestinian refugees. No laughing matter, he said!

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