The ICC ambush

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague is considering Palestine as a member, even though it is supposed to only be recognized states that are members, and Palestine does not qualify.   The ICC prosecutor is also investigating bringing a preliminary case against Israel for war crimes in the Gaza War last summer, at the request of Pres. Mahmud Abbas of the PA, even though the war was started by Hamas waging a massive war crime against Israel by bombarding it with ca. 100 missiles a day for weeks.  Why are these things happening?  Because the ICC is a UN agency that is made up of the member countries and of course it has Muslim members and Muslim prosecutors, in this case Fatou Bensouda, so it is an ambush of Israel, that is a democracy that was defending itself that certainly should not be placed in the dock.

PM Netanyahu described the decision of the ICC to investigate Israel for war crimes as “absurd,” and the US State Dept. issued a statement “strongly disagreeing” with the ICC prosecutor for opening the case against Israel.   In general the US is against using the ICC for political purposes.   Where this will lead is uncertain, but what is also clear is that by joining the ICC and bringing a case against Israel for war crimes, the Palestine representatives leave themselves open for war crimes cases to be brought against them.   Whether this will happen or who will do it is unclear at this stage, but the obvious facts may not be enough to obtain justice for Israel in a biased and pre-judged court system.

If there is indeed a blatantly biased judgement based on Islamic prejudice against Israel rather than the facts of the case, it is likely that many countries may reduce or cancel their financial contributions to the ICC, bringing about a crisis in its existence.   Another result of the action by the Palestine contingent is that Israel will take counter-measures against the PA.  So far Israel has stopped paying tax revenues that it collects for the PA.  This move has been criticized by the US and Europeans because it is seen as putting financial pressure on the PA.  But, Israel can and probably will take much more drastic action in response to these hostile actions of the PA.  Israel could refuse entry of goods from the West Bank for export via Israel’s ports.  Israel could also stop the delivery of construction materials and essential food and water supplies to Gaza.  The Palestinians are embarked on a hostile unilateral anti-Israel path that will in the end only be to their own detriment.


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