French mistakes

It is easy to point out mistakes in retrospect, but we need to learn from the mistakes the French made in relation to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, in order to better protect ourselves and western civilization world-wide  in the future;


1. Not taking the threat of Islamic jihadists seriously enough, putting them into the category of  “lone wolves” and “unorganized incidents” without realizing that behind them is a large and sinister network of contacts stretching from all the Arab/Muslim world to France.

2. Even after the incidents the Pres. of France, M. Holland proclaimed this has nothing to do with Islam.  Wrong!  The Islamic jihadist movement is part of Islam and swims within it (to use a quote from Mao).  It would be like saying that all French communists were not agents of Soviet Russia.

3. Not being prepared, not enough intelligence, not enough serious attention to known facts, such as that the Kouachi brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo killings were known Islamist terrorists, who had been in prison and one of them had been to Yemen for training and was allowed to return to France and live there without interference.

4. Lack of sufficient precautions, having only two policemen guarding the Charlie Hebdo offices and both of them apparently caught off guard.  We are dealing with heavily armed, well trained and ruthless adversaries, not common criminals.

5.  Lack of action after the first attack.  Some hours went by between the Charlie Hebdo attack and the killing of the policewoman in South Paris and then the taking of the Jewish grocery store.  With so many thousands of policemen and army mobilized why didn’t they increase protection for Jewish areas, an obvious next target.

6.  How did the woman terrorist at the Jewish supermarket escape, or indeed was she ever there?  This is something that the police must answer for, either they gave the wrong information, or they screwed up and let an armed terrorist escape.

7.  How is it that the two groups of terrorists were able to communicate by phone?  The police were supposed to have cut of the connection, but apparently not.

9.  Even with all their actions, the French government cannot protect the lives of their Jewish citizens against the millions of Muslims living in France.  Most of them may be good law-abiding citizens, but even 10% sympathetic to the aims of the terrorists would require a huge army to protect against.   In the wake of these attacks the aliyah of French Jews to Israel is inevitable.

The French commandos who attacked the terrorists and shot them were no doubt brave, but the number of errors that were made indicate that they have a way to go before they can protect France or even French Jews.   17 deaths in two days and before that a series of attacks killing and maiming people throughout France.  The French people are resilient, but they are also terrorized.   Add to that recent attacks in Sydney, Australia, in Ottawa, Canada, as well as in Belgium (4 dead at the Jewish museum), not to mention Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq and of course Syria and we can see that we are in an international war against Islamic terrorism.  Except one side is not really fighting it.


One thought on “French mistakes

  1. I’d add another point to the list; EDUCATION. Too many in the Media and politicians too, ignore the facts concerning the rise of Islamic terrorism and it’s bias towards anti-Zionism, or more realistically I should say anti-Semitism, which has been left to rise for the most part unchallenged. The hypocrisy and double standards applied towards Israel must be questioned and until the Narrative of the Jews is fully understood there will be no peace in France or indeed worldwide.

    Once again well described Jack.


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