Outrageous hypocrisy!

It was outrageous hypocrisy that Pres.  Mahmud Abbas of the Palestine Authority (PA) was allowed to march at the head of the parade in Paris commemorating the 17 people murdered in France by extremist Islamic terrorists.  Who started the campaign of Islamic terrorism in modern times?  The PLO,  the Palestine Liberation Organization, when it attacked airliners killing hundreds of people, including blowing up a Jewish restaurant in Paris in 1982.   And who is the current head of the PLO?  Why it’s Mahmud Abbas!  And when his spokesmen and he say they do not support terrorism, this is a damned lie.  They give money to “martyrs” (shahid) who have murdered Israelis and also give financial support to their families, money that comes out of the funds that are given to the PA by naieve donors, such as France and the USA.

Abbas’ predecessor Yasir Arafat directly supported terrorism, both by PLO/Fatah and Hamas, but the direct support has not been so easy to prove in the case of Abbas.  He is a terrorist in a suit who is more careful how his expenditures are documented.  It is ridiculous to equate him with PM Netanyahu who was also there at the head of the march with the other world leaders (but not Pres. Obama).  The media dead-heads who spend their time splurting inanities were over-joyed to be able to equate the two, they were already talking peace.  But, if Marine Le Pen was asked not to attend the march, why was Abbas not also refused.  You cannot carry out a meaningful and effective campaign against Islamic terrorism unless you know where it is coming from.  Hamas is a terrorist organization, according to the UN, EU, France and everyone else.  The PA under Abbas has a Unity agreement recently signed in Cairo with Hamas.  They cooperate and share funding, therefore Abbas is in league with Islamic terrorists, and yet he was allowed to be at the front of a march against terrorism?  Does that make any sense to you?

You cannot effectively fight a war unless you know who the enemy is.  It may not be all Muslims, although that is debatable, but it certainly includes Hamas, a self-proclaimed Islamist organization that uses terrorism to destroy a member state of the UN, Israel, and intends to establish not a Palestinian State (they are against the moves of Abbas at the UN) but to establish an Islamic Caliphate, like the ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  The terrorist enemy includes, ISIS, the Taliban, various branches of Al Qaeda (in the Maghreb, Yemen and Arabia), Al Nusrah (in Syria), Hizbollah and Hamas.  The current Government of Egypt knows that Hamas is an enemy, why don’t the western governments?  Hamas at first criticized the terrorists who attacked the Charlie Hebdo office, but then praised the attack on the Kosher Supermarket in Paris and the murder of Jews there.  Need more proof?

Pres. Tayyip Erdogan had the temerity to criticize PM Netanyahu for attending the march in Paris.  While welcoming Pres. Abbas,  Erdogan stated that Israel had killed 25,000 Palestinians using “state terror.”  This is another outrageous lie, and once again shows where Turrkey now stands.  Turkey has become the new home for Hamas since it appears that Qatar has asked their leader Khaled Mashaal to leave.  These Muslim leaders are full of outrageous hypocrisy.



2 thoughts on “Outrageous hypocrisy!

  1. I intend to write to as many news outlets as possible pointing out the outrageous hypocrisy of allowing Mahmud Abbas to stand at the front of the French protest against Islamic terrorism. Unless politicians accept the truth of the realities before them, once again, they will let their peoples down. All of us need to pressure our leaders NOW.


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