Terrorism in France

There were three clear-cut terrorist incidents in France within the past two weeks, but the Government has come out and said that they were not terrorist incidents and they were not organized, but were carried out independently by “lone wolves.”  No-one believes them, least of  all the French people.  At the same time the Government of M. Hollande is  putting large numbers of police (gendarmerie) and armed forces out on the streets in an attempt to reassure the French people.  It probably won’t work.

The first incident involved a man who rushed into a police station in the central eastern city of Tours and shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and stabbed three policemen with a long knife.  He was shot dead.  The second incident resulted from  a man who drove his van into a crowded market place in the Loire River city of Nantes in west France killing one and injuring nine, a day after 13 people were injured when a man shouting “Allahu akbar” drove his van into pedestrians in the city of Dijon in eastern France.  Although the Government was reluctant to label these terrorist incidents and called them “lone wolf” attacks, uncoordinated and unorganized, they nevertheless stepped up police and army protection around the country.  These were clearly attacks by Muslims timed to coincide with the Christmas celebrations.  Anti-Muslim feeling in France has escalated due to these attacks, leading to increased support for far-right parties such as the Front National.  But, the increase in anti-Muslim feeling has not led to a decrease in anti-Semitism, rather an increase, since those that blame the Muslims for the violence also blame the Jews for all their other problems.  How convenient.

This is apart from the specific attacks on the Jewish community that included shootings at Paris synagogues, although no one was killed or injured, and the terrorist attack on a Jewish couple in their home by Muslim invaders.  These are the latest in a long string of awful terrorist attacks in France that have killed several people and caused great damage both physical and mental.  We in Israel are not surprised by these attacks, given the history of France and the large Muslim minority there (about 10 x the Jewish minority) and we see the results of this wave of anti-Semitism and terrorism in the immigration of French Jews to Netanya and Israel in general.  When we sit down to have coffee on our city square (Kikar Atzmaut) we hear French spoken all around us.  The number of Jews making aliyah (moving to Israel) from France has doubled each year for the past three years and is set to increase again.  I suppose we in Israel should thank the idiots who are behind this wave of terrorism in France for helping to strengthen Israel.

Probably in a crude attempt to mollify its large Muslim population, France voted in favor of the Jordanian resolution at the UN Security Council proposing unilateral recognition of a Palestine State and mandating Israeli withdrawal from the territories in two years.   The resolution was not adopted by the SC.  Nevertheless this proves the lack of support by the French socialist Government of M. Hollande for Israel.  No wonder French Jews want to leave.


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