It’s hard voting for Bibi

OK, so its the Likud primaries and I decided to go and vote for Bibi as the candidate of the Likud party.  His only opponent is Danny Danon, who I like, but he has no stature compared to Bibi.  So I drive over to the Carmel Hotel, five mins away where the voting is taking place. and go into the entrance of the hotel past the tents and the ads for candidates.  I go downstairs to the lower level as I have several times before, but then I am shocked that the large glass doors are closed.  People inside see me and wave me to go around.  I am surprised since this is the usual entrance.  There was no sign at all that I saw indicating another way to the entrance.

So I go upstairs again, followed by an old lady who has been wandering around for a while trying to find how to get into the voting booths.   We go to the elevators and we decide to go down one floor, perhaps there is a way in, but we find ourselves in the underground parking.  So we go upstairs again and this time we ask, and a lady who seems to know takes us to another elevator, a service elevator, and tells us to go down in that.  We go down, but find ourselves in the parking again.  Now a young man tells us he knows where to go, so we go up with him and he directs us to go down the stairs, which I know is wrong.   So this time I decide to go out the front entrance of the hotel and walk around the building to the back entrance to the lower level that is by the sea front.  The old lady follows behind me.

I find the back entrance and go in and security people check me, and then a lady checks my official letter telling me that I can vote, and then I go in finally to the voting booths.  There are two people sitting behind the ballot boxes with all the materials and instructions.   There is a couple before me and then my turn.  They finally find my name and check me in, but the lady is confused and is still searching.  I know that I have to vote for one person (out of two) for the candidate for PM, and for 11 members of the list of candidates (there are about 60 on the list, if you vote for 10 or 12 the vote is invalidated).  But, just in case I ask if they can give me instructions in English, the lady says that she can speak English, but she is still messing around with the list.   But, the man insists on explaining everything to me in Hebrew (I can understand, but some words are unfamiliar).

Suddenly there is a commotion next to us, it appears that  supervisor has found that the couple were voting together in the same booth and this is not allowed.  He then tells the helpers in front of me off, and a three-way argument ensues, and finally the woman who was voting screws up her vote and throws it on the table and the man angrily puts his votes into the ballot boxes.  Meanwhile I am standing there waiting for instructions in English that I realize won’t come.  So I go to the booth and vote.  If Bibi gets selected don’t blame me.


3 thoughts on “It’s hard voting for Bibi

  1. Dear Jack:
    Hmm… let me understand this — you are voting in a local hotel, versus voting in a local public building (i.e., school, firehouse, town office, etc.), in a process that is run by… the local party apparatus?
    Granted, this is just the “primary” election, not the “general” election. Given the stakes, it still seems a bit haphazard and “third-worldly”.
    Sooo — here’s the question… multiple choice, if you will…

    Primary election voting in Netanya, Israel, is ______ _______ voting in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

    (a) better than
    (b) worse than
    (c) about the same as
    (d) just like

    You know, it almost makes the irregularities of voting in Chicago and Boston and Bethesda, and Texas, seem… normal…??


  2. my experience in Herzliah was unexpectedly civilised ..polite..well planned..plenty of parking
    no waiting,, explanation by charming men .. came away quite chuffed.


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