A Terrorist People

The Palestinians are a terrorist people.  If they are a people at all, rather than just a section of the Arab people, this is what defines them.  In a  recent poll, conducted by a Palestinian organization, 70% approved of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians, and this is a constant proportion.  It is usually between 70-80% and rarely goes down to 60%.   If you ask the average Palestinian if he wants peace with Israel the answer is “no”, he wants to destroy Israel and all the Jews.  This is the reality that we grapple with daily.

When the three Jewish teens were murdered last summer there were celebrations in all the Palestinian territories.  When four old men praying in a synagogue in Jerusalem were hacked to death and shot by two Hamas terrorists, there were riotous celebrations, people handed out sweets in the streets of Gaza and Ramallah.  What kind of people is it that celebrates the murder of innocent children or of old men praying?  I’ll tell you what kind, a terrorist people!

The idea that there is a real “peace process” or that there is a realistic “two-state solution” is a fantasy, a  myth perpetrated by American and European liberals, who are far from the scene and interpret the situation thru their own myopic viewpoints.  For example, according to their viewpoint Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians the victims, whereas in fact it is the other way around, the Palestinians are always the aggressors and the Israelis are the victims.  The Israeli strategy is defensive, after 7 years and 10,000 missiles being fired into Israeli territory from Gaza intended to kill civilians, Israel finally reacted in the recent Operation Defensive Edge.  It’s very name includes the word “defensive” and this is no propaganda, that is the reality.  We are always debating whether we can continue to take the terrorism and/or whether we should react.

On Friday a missile was fired into southern Israel from Gaza, breaking the ceasefire agreement with Hamas.  Israel responded the next day with an IAF strike against a Hamas target, a terrorist training base in southern Gaza, and PM Netanyahu stated that Israel will not accept even one missile to be fired into our territory without response.  But, our strategy is always defensive, we never take military action or even political action in a positive way.  Our greatest victories, as in the 6-Day War, have been when we took the initiative and pre-emptively destroyed the threats against us.

A defensive strategy cannot work in the long run.  If you are always reacting to the initiative of your enemy you can never win.   You are always playing catch-up, always responding never acting.  Certainly the US would never accept such a policy if it were taking the brunt of such terrorism.  After the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombing of  9/11 the US went on the offensive and invaded Afghanistan, after the beheading of American citizens by the Islamic State, the US initiated a bombing campaign that has effectively turned around the military situation.   Israel must emulate the strategy of its greatest ally.  Israel is no superpower, but we do have the means to establish our writ in our region, and we should use it effectively.



2 thoughts on “A Terrorist People

  1. And Let’s not forget how they danced in the streets after the attack on the World trade Center towers.



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