Earthquake at the EU

The victory by the French Front National party in the European elections is considered to be a political “earthquake.”  It puts the far right party not only ahead of the socialists, who they beat before, but also of the Christian Democrats.  The irony is that throughout western Europe, the anti-European forces have gained strength over the pro-EU forces.  In Britain, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) that is against the UK being in the EU, won many votes.  They also made gains in Greece, Hungary and Holland.  Whether these were just “protest” votes or whether the electorate really is against the EU is unclear, but what happens next is a mystery.  Can the representatives sent to the EU Parliament in Brussels actually dismantle the whole structure of European unity?
What has this move to the right in European politics have to do with the murder of two Israelis in Brussels, and the killing of two other locals at the Jewish Museum, as well as the attack on two men near Paris the following day.  This attack could have come from three possible sources: 1. Muslim terrorism, either a pro-Palestinian or simply anti-Semitic Muslim, either acting alone or as part of an organized group; 2. A right wing fascist, purely anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi; 3. An extreme leftist, expressing anti-Israel bias by shooting up a Jewish museum.   The fact is that apart from the political center anyone in Europe could have perpetrated these acts, and received tacit support or sympathy from the 25-35% of Europeans who both voted for the extreme right wing parties and expressed anti-Semitic views in the recent ADL international survey. 
The fact that the leaders of the European countries, Hollande from France, as well as the Italian and Belgian PMs all met at the Jewish Museum in Brussels for a prayer service in Hebrew does mean something.  They mean well, but they need to take the threat to public order by violent anti-Semitism much more seriously.  They need to be taking anti-terrorism steps to shut down all terrorist threats to public order, from the Muslims, from the far right and from the extreme left.  Until they do I suggest it is only natural that Israelis do not visit Europe and those Jews who live there should be making plans for aliyah.  

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