Router reset

This is a true story, I don’t make anything up. I had lost access to the internet last week, so when I returned from the Succot holiday I tested it and still had no internet access or e-mail, even though the modem and the wi-fi router looked as if they were acting normally. I tried several times turning them off and on, but it made no difference, I had no internet access.

So Sunday morning (a working day here) I called my internet provider Bezeq, and after about 20 mins someone came on line and I spoke to him in a mixture of Hebrew and English, and he told me to try to access the router web-site, but I could not do this because the password that is required was unknown to me. He told me that it should be the same as the user name, “admin” but that didn’t work. So he told me he couldn’t help me, that I had to call the HOT company that runs the cable connection to the router and get the password from them, and he put me through to HOT.

After about another 20 mins a girl came on the line, but she couldn’t speak English or Hebrew at anything less than express speed, so since I couldn’t understand her she said she would get me someone who spoke English. I waited a further 30 mins until another girl answered in English, and then she started asking me technical questions, such as “where is the clock on your device?” As I was trying to tell her I had no idea what she was talking about, I was cut off. After over an hour waiting to get thru I was pissed off, but no further ahead. I called again and left my tel number automatically in a queue that will take up to 3 hrs to respond.

While I was sitting here I though to myself, someone as supposedly intelligent as I am should be able to solve this problem. I kept trying to input different passwords into the empty space and hitting return, but nothing worked. However, every now and then the web-site got angry with me and displayed a notice that had three warnings. The first told me to fill in the user name and password, the second told me to make sure if it didn’t work that I did not have “caps-lock” set. The third one, that I had not bothered to read until now said that if the settings were unknown you could re-set the values to the original factory settings of “admin” by pressing the “reset” button on the back of the router for 5 secs. I looked carefully at the back of the router and sure enough there was a little hole with “reset” written around it, but it was not a button. I tried pressing it and nothing happened, so I decided to take a risk, I took a paper clip and inserted the end into the hole and pressed it in for 5 secs and guess what happened, the internet was immediately accessible!!!

OK, I admit this was more luck than deep thinking, but get this, in 5 sec I had solved a problem that in ca. 1.5 hrs three experts had been unable to help me with. The fact of the matter is, buddy, you are on your own! I am still waiting for the call back.


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