Miracles do happen!

So yesterday I finally decided to renew the registration of my car.  I had paid the fee in the Post Office and the new registration form was lying on the table for a few weeks getting ripe.  I needed to take the car in to pass the test to renew the registration. Then I realized that I had not received a new driving license, so I looked at my current one and found that it had expired on my birthday, a few days ago.  Then I remembered that I had taken the form to renew the license to my doctor to have him fill out the medical part.  What happened was that I took it there about 3 months ago, and then after a month or more they gave it back to me not filled out.  So I returned it to them and asked them again to have him fill it out.  Apparently it was done this time, but it sat there for over a month.  I forgot about it partly because they never called me or told me about it.  So I raced around there and sure enough it was sitting in their pile of papers.  So then I raced to the office that issues licences (misrad rishui), but it was closed. I couldn’t renew my car registration without a valid driving license.  What a mess, life is too complex.  I should have someone to do these things for me.
I am sure you are waiting with bated breath to find out what happened.  Well nothing, it turned out to be so easy.  We got up early (as usual) and were at the misrad rishui when it opened at 8 am, with ca. 15 people before us.  When they opened the door I walked in like the others and went up to one of the clerks and asked her in my poor Hebrew if this was the right place for me to get the license (rishui nahag).  She said “show me your papers” which I did, then she took them away processed them and gave me back the temporary license within about 3 mins.  No discussion about the fact that it was out-of-date or anything.  She said the actual license will be mailed to my home.  I did not have to pay anything.  That was that, in and out in 5 mins.  Some people in the line behind us complained because I went first, so I said (in my puposely bad Hebrew) that I just wanted to check that I was in the right place and the clerk took my papers, so they said “shana tovah” (only in Israel).
Then we drove to the garage to have the car tested for the registration (rishui rechev).  I was the first online at 8.15 am, but when the clerk looked at my papers she said I didn’t have my current insurance form.  I told her that I had paid and it must be at home (which it was), so she said call the insurance company and have them fax a copy to her.  They did this within 5 mins, and in the meantime the head of the place came over and asked what was wrong and I tried to explain and he said “don’t worry” and he signed my form and said go ahead.  So we were thru the testing lane in about 10 mins and we were out of there by 9 am!  Is this a miracle in the Land of Israel, or what? 


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