Replacement theology

The Atheist State, as exemplified by Soviet Communism, was an attempt to replace theism, just as Christianity and Islam, the daughter religions of Judaism, the original monotheism, attempted to replace it by force, power and persecution.  Under Communism all religions were considered dangerous and were suppressed and their adherents were persecuted.  Just as the Romans fed Christians to the Lions, so Christians disappeared into Stalin’s Gulag.  And just as the Pope and his minions murdered the souls of the unredeemed Jews, so the Yevzekzia persecuted Jewish believers.  It’s all a question of replacement theology, being the supposed inheritor gives you the right to eliminate the antecedents.
This brutal story of human history advanced in stages such that the “latest” fashion in belief systems takes the arrogant view that it is the only valid and acceptable system and all previous ones must be eliminated.  There are so many examples its hard to know where to start. The Roman persecution of the Christians was followed by the Christian persecution of the Romans (all their Temples were destroyed and their adherents were forced to convert).  Emperor Constantine who determined what was acceptable Christian dogma (the so-called Holy Trinity) persecuted heretical Christian sects as well as Judaism.  
The Inquisition was used not against the Jews, who had been expelled from Spain in 1492, but against those Jews who had been forcibly converted to Christianity and who were suspected of remaining practising Jews or believers.  Its methods were fascist and primitive, people were tortured until they confessed and then were murdered.  Mass burnings of victims called auto-da-fe were carried out as public entertainment.  The Catholics also did this to the native Americans that they encountered in Central and South America.  This is one reason why the Church was so hated in Mexico and elsewhere, but it was victorious through the elimination of all other belief systems. 
In the Spanish Civil War in 1936 the Republicans and the Fascists fought each other with massacres being the norm.  The Communists and Marxists believed that the Church was criminal and so when they captured a Church they desecrated and destroyed it.  The Fascists believed that the Church must be protected from the atheist hordes, so when the Fascists captured a town they killed all the Republicans they could find, it was as simple as that.  The Spanish Civil war was a prelude to the horrors of WWII, during which Nazism, a pseudo-religious ideology that glorified Adolf Hitler, murdered all who stood in their way, including Jews, Gypsies, Poles and other lower orders of men.  They were opposed by Stalin’s Communism that equally murdered anyone who might have a glimmer of a different view or belief system.
We may think the mad period of ideologies such as Fascism, Nazism and Communism are over, but in fact the world is threatened by mass murder by two opposing sects of Islam, both of which believe that they are the only holders of the true faith.  The Iranians lead the Shia fanatics, that include the Assad Syrian regime and Hizbollah, and al Qaeda, Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood lead the Sunni Muslim fanatics.  Make no mistake these are murderous ideologies, as we have discovered to our cost, and they truly believe that they have the latest, last and only true faith.  They must be stopped before they have the power to put their faith to the test.


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