Electronic tangle

The problem with travelling these days is not only the large number of ubiquitous electronic devices that have to be carried around, but also the charging connectors that have to be carried with them. Each one of these devices has a plug, a wire and a connector. With a laptop, a telephone (actually two kinds), an e-book reader, a camera, an i-Pod and a razor, that’s seven chargers all jumbled together. Not only do they look like a dangerous device to the untrained eye of the X-ray technician, but they also form an impossible tangle. Why can’t they all be the same, so you would only have to travel with one charger, although that might not be enough, given that most of these devices have to be charged every two minutes. Or why can’t they all be different colors, candy striped, etc., to help distinguish them from each other? And why can’t they have retractable wires to avoid tangles?

The tourist industry has not yet adapted to this new problem. They don’t allow extra weight of all these devices and their chargers. Why can’t passenger seats in airplanes have plugs that allow charging en route? And why don’t the cruise ships have a battery of plugs for all these devices in the cabins? Of course, then they might start charging for the extra electricity that is being used, not an inconsiderable amount of energy.

The worst problem with all these devices is that some have US plugs and some have Israeli or European plugs. These are often incompatible with the power points available. So of course I have a special adapter that changes Israeli to American bayonet style plug-ins. But, this small device is so valuable that I keep it in a special place in my luggage, where I can get to it on a moment’s notice. If anyone can remember where that place is located please contact me urgently. Meanwhile I am busy disentangling the electronic Gordian knot (Alexander, where are you when I need you?)


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