The big drill

Israel is undergoing the largest civil defense drill ever in its history. For a week all aspects of the country are involved, especially for the first time the local authorities, since during the 2006 Lebanon war there was a complete breakdown of activities by the local authorities, especially in the north. While the area was being bombarded with missiles from Hizbollah in Lebanon, the local authorities were paralyzed, leaving it all to the national homeland security and the IDF. Fortunately, private groups sprang to the aid of the population and helped to establish, clean and equip underground shelters. By the way, this included the Arab sector, where there were many rocket hits and deaths.

The drill will come to a climax today, Wednesday, at 11 am, when a nationwide siren will sound and everyone is supposed to go to their local shelters and act as if a real emergency is in operation. Most people, including us, have our shleter in our basement. It is reinforced, but has no facilities and even the large metal door doesn’t close. Not very effective. More modern apartments, build after the Gulf War of 1996 when Saddam Hussein bombarded Israel with Scud missiles, have their own sealed security rooms.

In response to the drill, that includes the IDF, both Hizbollah and Syria have accused Israel of taking aggressive actions and wanting war. This is their way of showing their constituency that they are still prepared to fight us. But, at present it is unlikely that there would be a war, because Syria would be destroyed, and Hizbollah would be afraid of an even greater destruction than last time. Only if there were some action in relation to Iran is there likely to be another outbreak of war. But, nevertheless, Hizbollah “mobilized” some of their army. Meanwhile, PM Netanyahu issued a statement reminding them that these are routine drills that take place every year. But, truth be told , if it were not for the threat of Hizbollah and Hamas and in the background Iran, we would not be taking these drills so seriously. Let’s hope we don’t need them “for real.”


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