A man’s work is never done

On Wednesday night, as my wife went out to see her mother as usual, she called out to me “I put something in the oven for dinner, when you hear the buzzer go, turn it off, get the oven gloves and take the dish out of the oven.”

I was sitting watching junk on TV when the buzzer went off. So I got up and turned the buzzer off, put on the oven gloves, but when I opened the oven it was cold. She had apparently forgotten to turn the oven on. So I called her and told her and she said she would put it on when she came back. But I said “Don’t worry, I’m a man, you think I can’t handle that, I’ll turn on the oven.”

So I turned the oven on, but since it was already getting late and I was hungry, I turned the oven up to its maximum setting. Just as I was sitting down, suddenly all of the lights and the TV went out. There had been an electricity failure!

When I went outside and checked the fuses, I found that one of the main switches was down. I tried to turn it up but it would not go. So I went back inside, got a flashlight and turned off the oven, and the TV and computer as a precaution, before I went back outside and tried again. This time the switch stayed up and all the lights came back on. So I realised that there must have been a short circuit in the oven.

When my wife came home she heated the dinner in the microwave. Then we found that the refrigerator was not working. So I called an electrician and he said he would come over that evening. When he came, he did some tests, and told me that there was a problem with the oven (!) He un-screwed the oven and took out the plug in the back and then the refrigerator worked, so he charged us 100 shekels (about $30). but he said that he did not deal with appliances so we would have to call someone who did.

So the next morning I called an oven expert who came, took out the oven and tested everything, and told me that the convection heating element had a short (this proves that Naomi never used the convection part of the oven!). He took that element out and replaced the oven so that we could use it, and now we are waiting for a replacement element. He charged us 200 shekels for his time, and that’s without the cost of the element. So the moral of this story is that a man should never mess with ovens or making dinner when the wife can do it so much easier and with less cost.


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