A novel idea

My story, “The East End of London,” was published in an “Anthology of contemporary Jewish writing,” entitled “All of our lives,” published by Targum Press, Jerusalem (in English) in 2009, distributed in the US by Feldheim, NY. The Editor was Sarah Shapiro, and she chose excerpts of my work and put them together to make this story. However, I doubt that many of you will ever see this book or get to read my story.
So I decided to have my novel, entitled “Amanuensis,” from which this story is excerpted, printed or self-published. The ease with which this can now be done means that you don’t have to depend on conventional publishers to see your work in print. Of course, whether or not the work has any merit is independent of the means of publication. It is now relatively easy to prepare the text for printing in the computer and then work with a competent printer to process it. Of course, it is also possible to “publish” the work on-line, but I still prefer to have an actual book in my hands.
I now have the final printed version of my book. It is a kind of catharsis for me since I have been incubating this for many years. So I am sending the story as an indication of the writing in the book. However, I should say that the story does not even touch upon the main plot-line of the book, but, I won’t reveal what that is here. As someone commented, the story is like a sandwich without the meat. I don’t think anyone writes a book only for their own edification, it needs an audience. If anyone wants to receive a copy of the book let me know and I’ll charge a small fee to cover my costs and shipping (Israel NIS 50; UK 10 pounds; US $15, shipping to the US costs more, send a check to me at Jacks’ Studio, 2 Rehov Hamapilim, Netanya 42275, Israel, with a return address, and I’ll send it). I am also interested in papers or publications that can review it. But, irrespective of reaction or reception it was a catharsis for me to finally get this out of my mind and into print.


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