Computer slave

You may have noticed a slight delay in receiving my latest message. That’s because this morning, Tuesday, my computer failed to boot-up. Each time I tried, it came back to a page of instructions and whatever option I chose it returned to the same place and never opened Windows XP. Maybe it was coincidence that my grandaughter and her cousin had been playing on it the night before for several hours watching “Friends” and other reruns on U-tube.
I called the company from where I received the computer, which is in Jerusalem, and they said bring it in, not realizing that we live in Netanya. Still, I decided it was worth the drive (1.5 hrs each way) rather than give it to someone I don’t know or who doesn’t know the computer. So we drove to Jerusalem to have the computer fixed. Another way of looking at this is that the computer would not boot correctly because it wanted to visit its original home, and I was the agent of its outing.
The company, EFI Computers, is situated in a large Technology Development area (or Hi-Tech Industrial Park) at Har Hotzvim near the entrance to Jerusalem. But, it is very difficult to find and actually get to. Nevertheless with the help of a map and some directions I managed to find the place. The company is located in a huge building that looks a bit like a cathedral, with a large cupola on top and reproduction sculptures of Rodin (the three “furies” from the gates of hell, lifesize) in the lobby.
The technical head of the small company was very nice and friendly, he worked on the computer for 2 hours, getting it working and checking everything, especially looking for viruses or trojans. Then he didn’t charge me, he said it was free. Also, during the wait we had lunch at the cafe in the lobby, not realizing that there was a whole dining room behind there. When we found it the manager of both places was there and we happened to see fruit salad and Naomi said ” Oh, I wish I had seen that before,” whereupon the Manager gave us both a fruit salad free.
These gestures go a long way to balance out the bad treatment I had at the stationary store in Netanya last week over the printer cartridges. “What you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts” (don’t worry it’s an old English proverb).
So it seems that now we go up to Jerusalem not for spiritual enlightenment, but to have our computer repaired. There is probably something deeply significant about this, although I’m not sure what it is. Anyway it shows that I am nothing without my computer!


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