Lost again in deepest Tel Aviv

This is true, I am not making this up. Naomi had an appointment with a gastroenterologist (nothing serious), and our doctor gave her a referral (hofnaya) with the names, tel nos and addresses of two possible doctors on it. Naomi called one of them and made an appointment for today, and because he was so busy she had to accept a time of 7.40 am. According to the address on the referral his office was at 56 Rothschild Blvd.,
Tel Aviv, which is one of the oldest streets in the city, tree-lined and with a pedestrian/cycling path down the middle.
We left early (6.15 am) expecting rush hour traffic and then remembered that it was Friday, so luckily the traffic was light. Because of this we arrived very early (40 mins to spare) and found the site, but unfortunately there was no no. 56 on Rothschild Blvd., it was an open car lot! We went into the Bank at no. 50 and asked them where it might be. An old lady looked at the Hofnaya, all in Hebrew of course, and said “oh! you made a mistake”, we had gone to Tel Aviv but this address was at 56 Rothschild Blvd. in Kfar Saba, a town near Netanya! (note: cities in Israel are indicated by an abbreviation in Hebrew, so for example Tel Aviv is TA – taf aleph and Kfar Saba is KS – kuf samech – and we had not noticed the difference). We had about 40 mins to get there, having no idea where Rothschild Blvd. was in Kfar Saba. As I was driving fast retracing our route, Naomi said, “But I’m sure it was in Tel Aviv,” and she pointed to where she had written the appt. time down on the hofnaya and there she had written “Tel Aviv.” We had apparently been looking at the address of the wrong doctor!
We had tried to call the tel no. several times, but it was too early for them to be there. Finally they answered and the same curt lady came on the line, yes, she confirmed that Naomi had an appt. with them at 7.40 am, and it was in Tel Aviv, but on Rehov Yitzhak Levi. Once again we had been confused, between the name of the doctor and the name of the street. I screeched to a halt and consulted my map of Tel Aviv, but there was no Rehov Yitzhak Levi. But, she had mentioned that it was off Rehov Arlosoroff, which is a main thoroughfare, which coincidentally was just nearby. So I turned around again and we drove down Rehov Arlosoroff, but could see no Rehov Yitzhak Levi. So we called again and the lady said it was off Rehov Sokolow which is off Arlosoroff, turn right, then left and left again. Well, that was still confusing, but I found it in a few minutes and we got there, yes, at 7.35 am!
It was a tiny street with cars parked down one side. While I was finding parking (impossible) Naomi went in to see the doctor and found out why the lady answering the tel. was so curt, she was in the same small room as the doctor and was even helping him as well as answering the phone and making appts. Naomi was in there for about 5 mins, so my parking was in vain.
Moral of this story, check before leaving home.


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