Media distortion again

What an irony, when most of the world’s news media is caught again in a Palestinian media distortion (shades of Muhammed al-Dura), blaming Israel for the shutdown of the main electricity generating plant in Gaza City, Israel meanwhile continues to supply approximately 2/3 of all Gaza’s electricity from the Israeli grid. What has stopped is the fuel that was being trucked across the Israel-Gaza border, and that has stopped because the terrorist organizations have upped the number of rockets being fired into Israel to ca. 50 per day! However, this direct cause of this situation is often completely ignored in the media, as if Israel were stopping this supply and closing the borders for no reason at all!
Not only that, if Gaza is indeed a hostile territory as the Knesset determined and there is in effect a state of war between Hamas and Israel, then why in any case should Israel supply Gaza with anything! It is only because of Israel’s stupid self-defeating interpretation that we are anxiously keeping the Gazans alive, with electricity, food and drink, while they are bombarding us. We are supplying electricity that they are using to run their lathes to make rockets and launchers to fire at us! And it’s not because they are “innocent” civilians, they voted for Hamas, and in all polls they support by a large majority the use of suicide bombers and rockets against Israeli civilians. So why shouldn’t they suffer.
Even though Gaza is receiving 3/4 of all its electricity needs from outside (some also from Egypt), it was Hamas that chose to close down the generating station in Gaza City, for the publicity. They have plenty of other supplies being smuggled in from Egypt, including guns and explosives, so why don’t they use the same channels and the same tunnels to smuggle in more fuel. They certainly have enough money to buy it since recently they were pledged b$7.5 for the next 3 years, which is ca. $5,000 per Gazan per year. So give me a break, with the poor, suffering Palestinians, they are among the richest poor in the world. The media will never learn their lesson, they are willingly manipulated out of their liberal anti-Israel bias, never mind that Hamas is a terrorist organization intent on the destruction of all western values. Does the US military in Iraq willingly supply al Qaeda with electricity, food and water? It’s pure nonsense!


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