Auto memory

Friday afternoon, just before shabbat, around 4 pm, I went down to our car park to get my car to go and pick up Booba, as I do every Friday afternoon. However, this time my car wasn’t there! I immediately called Naomi upstairs and she realized that she had forgotten our car at the place where Booba lives. In fact she had taken Booba to the doctor that morning, but had left the car in the parking lot of the Sharon Mall that is adjacent to Booba’s building, the Nofei Hasharon old folks home, and had then come home by taxi.
Of course she apologized and said she would call me a cab, but since I was already downstairs and didn’t want to wait (and its a busy time for taxis just before shabbat), I decided to walk. It’s only about 15 mins walk, and when I arrived Naomi had already phoned the person at the desk of the Home, who we know very well, and she called the Mall security. So when I went into the Mall parking area, there were two security people waiting for me, and they said “sorry, too bad, this part of the parking lot next to Nofei Hasharon has gates that have been locked, and the Manager left a few minutes ago with the key! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to get your car.” This conversation was conducted in a mixture of Hebrew and English. Then they said you’ll have to come with us to the security center and give us your details. So I went with them to what turned out to be a small dingy room filled with wires and TV monitors.
There a very polite man told me in English that the Manager had taken the key with him, but he would be coming back with it, so if I could wait 10 mins I could get my car back. Thank you, I said, so he said please wait outside. During my wait he brought me a cup of tea. The key eventually turned up and one of the security men took me and opened the gate and let me out. Free at last, I was able to pick up Booba and take her home for a really nice shabbat dinner.
Naomi apologized very fervently for her lapse in memory and I told her that she owed me a nice shabbat dinner and 1,000 cups of tea. She agreed.


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