Israel beats Russia!

I watched the soccer (football) game between Israel and Russia on Saturday night, and it was exciting. I now know why fans go crazy, I must admit I was cheering and shouting all by myself. In the second half the Russians were dominant and after scoring the equalizer seemed destined to win. They had three excellent chances that they failed to convert into goals, including the last one that hit the post. At this point it seemed unlikely that Israel could win. Yet they played well defensively and kept making scoring chances. Finally Omer Golan broke through and ran a long way beating two Russian defenders and kicked it past the Russian goalie, and there was bedlam! The whole stadium erupted, it was a great moment. Little Israel defeated giant Russia, it still seems improbable!
The main outcome of this victory has been positive PR for Israel in the British press for a change, because Israel’s win saved England, on points, from being relegated out of the Euro 2008 tournament. England still have to beat Croatia, leader of the Red section of the playoffs, in a game this week to stay in the tournament. Many will be watching. But, for the moment headlines like “Israel Saves England” and “England’s prayers answered as Israel triumphs,” have done more for Israel’s image than any well argued and factually correct serious article in the Times could have done.
Maybe the PR people are right, they say what needs to be advertized is Israel’s positive features, like her sexy girls. It may do more for Israel’s image than all the talk about the Holy Land ever could. But, don’t worry I’ll return to serious, factually correct articles soon.

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