Zero percent!

A poll conducted by TV Channel 2 in Israel gave PM Olmert zero percent of public support! This is down from 2% in the last poll and is even less than the statistical error. Has any leader of any country ever reached this low? But, in the wake of the interim Winograd Report that strongly criticized Olmert, he has announced that he will remain as PM. So now we know that he is both incompetent and immoral. Quite a record.
Yesterday the Labor whip Eitan Cabel resigned from the coalition and today the Kadima whip Yitzhaki withdrew his support from Olmert. Also, today Olmert met with FM Tzipi Livni, who gave a press conference afterwards and announced that she told Olmert that she thinks he should resign, although it’s his decision. She will remain in his Cabinet and will not do anything to hasten his leaving. However, at the same time she announced that she will run for the leadership of Kadima in his place. So she is placing herself carefully as his eventual successor.
There have been reports that Olmert and others prefer Shimon Peres as his successor as Head of the Kadima (Forward) Party. This would result in the ludicrous situation that Peres, a former Head of the Labor Party, would become Head of Kadima in place of Ariel Sharon, who was a former Head of the Likud Party. What a political inversion, no wonder Israeli politics is confusing. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen and that Peres will finally be forced to retire, better sooner than later. But, it only goes to show you what a mess Kadima is. It’s not so much a Party as a conglomeration of incompetents and opportunists. In fact there is a joke in Israel, that now with the Winograd Report, they are thinking of changing the Party’s name to “Achora” (meaning backward).
There are also rumors that Amir Peretz will announce his resignation as Defense Minsiter within 48 hrs. There has never been a politician who is as much a nobody as Peretz. He looks like a buffoon and his every action tends to prove it. He is well loved for the time he spent (nearly an hour) looking through binoculors with the end caps still on. What was he seeing and what was he thinking? In any case Labor politicians are lining up to replace him as leader of their Party.
It appears that most politicians who are busy saving their own necks are not in favor of new elections, that Likud would certainly win by a landslide, and that could possibly totally destroy the Kadima Party. Those in Kadima realize that to save the Party and themselves they need to ditch Olmert and replace him with Livni, as the only leading Govt. Minister who was not severely criticized by the Winograd Committee. If they can manage that sleight of hand then maybe Kadima can survive.


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