Israeli corruption

In one of the biggest cases in Israeli history, the Head of the Israel Tax Authority, Jacky Matza, has been arrested on bribery and corruption charges. Also his predecessor in that job Eitan Rub and the Administrator of the Prime Minoster’s Office Shula Zaken are among the 30 people arrested so far after a 10 month investigation by the Police Fraud Squad. It is alleged that certain individuals, including Zaken’s brother Yoram Karshi, arranged for Matza to be selected for this job, and then used him as a conduit to arrange reduced tax payments by certain businessmen. Even though PM Olmert was responsible for the appointment of Matza, according to police sources o far there is no link in this case to the PM himself. This case represents the underbelly of ongoing corruption in the Israeli Government and causes disilluion among ordinary Israeli tax payers. The PM himself is being investigated in 7 other cases!
Note: we shall be away for a few days, so have a rest!


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