Crime in Israel

Last week a large modern men’s store on the main street, Rehov Herzl, in Netanya was torched. It may have been an accidental fire, but the likelihood of that is near zero. Peridically fires destroy new stores in Netanya, and everyone knows why, it’s the mafia, probably the Russian mafia. Some of the Russian immigrants, just as immigrants in other countries, are involved in crime, in this case a “protection racket.”
Israel is now one of the main targets of illegal trafficking in women due to the Russian mafia. The women are usually taken illegally across the border from Egypt by Beduin and work in brothels in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. Even with military patrols it is almost impossible to stop them. I spoke to a young soldier who does this work and he said that the Beduin use dune buggies, drive without lights and will fire at anyone who gets in their way. Most of the women come from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus, and are blondes, not indigenous here and in demand.
But, the local Israeli criminals need no training by the Russians. Currently there is a hearing going on in the Knesset, the Zeiler Commission, looking into official corruption in the Police Department. The subject is incredibly tortuous. A letter was written by a former top policeman, Cmdr.Yaakov Borovsky, accusing his former boss and current Inspector Gen. Moshe Karadi of being involved in getting former Minister Tzahi Hanegbi (who is currently under investigation for improper appointments) to appoint a police Asst.-Cmdr. Yoram Levy, who had a relationship to the Perinian crime family that is active in southern Israel, as head of the Southern District’s Central Investigative Unit, in order to prevent the Perinians (and Omri Sharon) from being indicted for buying votes for the Likud. You see what I mean, typical situation. Of course, Hanegbi and Karadi say that Borovsky is lying, and the State Comptroller, Lindestrauss is also investigating the matter. Somewhere in there was also the murder of a gangster named Buhbut (I am not making this up!)
Last March, one of the major crime figures in Israel, Zeev Rosenstein, was extradited from Israel to the US, where he is standing trial in Ft. Lauderdale on drug trafficking charges. If convicted he will be returned to Israel to serve his sentence. This is a condition of Israeli extradition agreements.
So there is plenty of crime in Israel. There were two kinds of Zionists, idealists who wanted to develop a perfect nation where there was no crime and no injustice, and those realists who wanted a Jewish State like all other states. Seems the latter group won.


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