International Holocaust Memorial Day

The UN was founded largely in response to the conditions that led to
WWII and the Holocaust. It is certainly time 60 years after the war that
the UN should institute a day to commemorate the Holocaust. The date
chosen is 27th January because that is the day Auschwitz was liberated.
Better late than never. The British commemoration took place this year
in Cardiff. There were also events in the US Congress, the German
Reichstag (that Hitler burned), in Austria, France, etc.
One reason for the UN decision is the increase in anti-Semitism in
Europe and the gutter statements of the Iranian President Ahmedinejad.
There are many people who deny the Holocaust. Many of them would also
ironically like to complete its aim of wiping out the Jews, and Israel happens
to be a convenient focus for their hatred.
The Holocaust of Jews in Europe was a uniquely terrible event in world history
that consumed approximately six million Jews who were murdered by the
Europeans, and I use that term advisedly because the German Nazis had
substantive help from most of the countries of Europe and most of their
populations. Among those murdered were ca. 1.5 million Jewish children.
It is difficult to face this fact, but we have to. Since the Germans did not
want to waste expensive bullets on the Jews, many were killed by hanging,
and for this a metal loop was found to be the easiest way to kill a person.
But, children weren’t heavy enough to strangle this way, so the German
soldiers pulled downwards on them to add their weight in order to break the
children’s necks. This was done thousands of times, but no German soldiers
were ever tried for these atrocities, because the Allies wanted to retain the
support of the German people against the Communist USSR. Later on the
Germans, after some experimentation, decided that poison gas killed Jews
more efficiently. We must take an oath that Jews will never again be
defenseless in the face of such evil.
The victory of Hamas in the PA elections has a relevance to this situation,
since in their founding charter there are two clauses that are frankly
anti-Semitic. In one clause they blame the Jews for the “French revolution,
the Russian revolution and other revolutions..” and in another clause they
quote Jewish “plots” to take over the Middle East “and then the world, as
outlined in the ‘Protocols of the elders of Zion.'” Yes, as incredible as it
might seem this is in the charter of the organization that won a plurality of
votes amongst Palestinians, and I am sure most of them believe this trash.
The Muslim radicals have taken over the fascist ideology lock,stock and
and after all one should remember that they were among those who supported
Hitler in his campaign to rid the world of the Jews. Most of the Arabs were
pro-German during WWII and this included the late Hajj Amin al-Husseini,
the Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent most of the war in Berlin. This is why I use
the term “Islamo-fascists,” because it is the most descriptive and accurate
one I can find to describe their hate-filled and violent anti-Jewish ideology.


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