There is an important new site to visit for anyone who wants to see how we
came to the current situation where Israel and the IDF are reviled
throughout the western world. Here is the site address: It is called ‘Second Draft’, since it shows that
the so-called first draft of history that the camera is supposed to capture
while events actually happen, has been so manipulated by the Palestinians
that it is totally unreliable. You have to see the documentary on this site
to see the scale and nature of the deception, and how readily it has become
accepted in the western news media.
I will give three examples:
1. Remember the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura, the little boy who was shot
by Israeli fire at an intersection in Gaza at the beginning of the intifada
in 2000, that did so much to embitter Arabs, Muslims and western liberals
against Israel (when the Palestinians were sending suicide bombers against
Israel). Well, there have now been three separate independent
investigations of this incident (none of them by the IDF or Israel itself),
and all of them have concluded that it was staged (articles stating this
have been published in The Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, the Intl.
Herald Tribune, etc.). Consider the following, 1. There were dozens of
cameramen at the same junction but only one, that of station France 2, had
footage of this incident; 2. The father was not shielding the boy, but the
boy was in front of him; 3. The impact of the shots on the wall can be seen
coming from the side, not from the front where the Israeli position was, and
no blood can be seen; 4. Detailed analysis showed that the Israeli soldiers
could not in fact have hit anyone behind that corner from their position; 5.
No body of a boy with that name was ever delivered to any hospital and no
burial of a boy with that name ever took place (remember the Palestinians
usually carry the bodies in burial procession through the streets); 6. The
TV video footage was released with a commentary by a France 2 journalist
named Charles Enderlin (who happens to be Jewish), who later admitted that
he was nowhere near the scene and he recorded the voiceover in a studio
later using a script prepared for him; 7. The incident is reported to have
gone on for 45 mins (i.e. showing the inhumanity of the Israelis), but
experts attest that if they had been under fire for that period of time
their bodies would have been shredded; 9. France 2 stated that it had
extensive footage to support the 30 secs or so of the incident that it
released free (this is very unusual) to all stations worldwide, but after a
year and many requests they were forced by court order to release this
footage, and admitted that it did not exist. Conclusion, the whole incident
was staged by the Palestinian cameraman and became an example of successful
media manipulation, and of Palestinian propaganda against Israel. Oh, and
by the way, the IDF soldiers who were there were interviewed and denied that
they ever shot at or saw any boy in that location.
2. During the Israeli action against Jenin in 2002, stories of massacres by
the IDF were reported all over the world. It was alleged that thousands had
been deliberately murdered. This were based on local reporting including
photographs of burials, funerals, firing of gunmen, etc. But, this story
has been well aired, and the fact that no massacres occurred has been
established beyond a doubt, even the UN investigation found that only 54
Palestinians were killed in Jenin, most of them gunmen, a small number
considering the ferocity and the intensity of the fighting (32 IDF soldiers
were also killed). But, one incident that deserves special comment is that
it was alleged that Israeli tanks had deliberately fired 12 shells into the
Jenin Hospital. The Director of the Hospital specifically alleged this in
an interview in French that was reported around the world, and stated that
since it was 12 shells it must have been deliberate. However, no shell
holes were visible in the exterior of the Hospital and no Israeli tank ever
fired a shell at the hospital. The story was a complete lie. In addition,
there was also film in the hospital of a doctor telling a patient that she
should say, as the reporter wanted them to, that she had been denied use of
an ambulance, when there she was in the hospital after being brought in by
an ambulance that the Israelis had allowed in and after delivering her baby.
So when Palestinians appear before the camera they lie, so every story must
be confirmed, which is elementary journalistic practice, that somehow
doesn’t apply to the Palestinians.
3. In a “60 Minutes” report by Bob Simon entitled ‘Crossroad’, referring to
the Netzarim crossroad guarded by an IDF post, a mob of Palestinians is
shown in fierce combat with the Israelis, and it is reported that 30 were
killed in this incident. Some of the gunmen (some dressed in PA police
uniform) are shown shooting (wildly) we suppose at the Post. However, a
detailed analysis of the footage and the topology of the area tells a
different story. When an individual is supposedly shot, we see that he
falls down, and an ambulance draws up alongside him within seconds (very
curious) then we see that there is a line of ambulances waiting to go (very
curious). Showing the juxtaposition of the buildings it is clear that many
of the supposed casualties could not have been shot by the Israelis because
they are not within firing line of the Post. Then you see people being
supposedly shot, but under circumstances that look very suspicious, e.g.
they are shot when standing behind a van that is between them and the IDF
Post. Then we see the inside of an abandoned factory that is behind the IDF
Post. Men are milling about in there, but they are moved and then we see a
line of gunmen taking turns firing into this factory. What are they firing
at? Not at the IDF post, which is on the other side of the wall of the
factory. Nevertheless a clip of one of them firing gets into the report.
Then we see some men directing the crowd, like in a movie – the whole thing
was staged. In the Press it was reported that 3 were killed there, but even
this was a lie. Where did Bob Simon get the number 30, did he ever check
it? There was no evidence presented that the Israeli soldiers even fired at
the mob. I think we should all write to “60 Minutes,” that presents itself
as a high level news magazine, and ask them if they ever confirmed their
story and if not then Bob Simon (who is a Jew whose reports are often
biased against Israel) should be fired!
Anyway its too late, the world has been persuaded by all this media
onslaught that Israel is the bad guy, that IDF soldiers shoot civilians
indiscriminately, that they shell hospitals, engage in massacres and shoot
young Palestinians in the street without cause. All lies!
Anyway, its all moot now, Israel has withdrawn from Netzarim and Gaza, the
PR campaign was successful. Now wait for the next terrible scene on your TV
screens of the IDF behaving abominably in the West Bank, but next time
remember that the likelihood that it is staged is very high, and ask the
media what proof do they have that it really happened.
(I thank Naomi Ragen for sending information about the site)


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