On the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz it is impossible not

to write about the Holocaust, yet it is impossible to write about it. What

can one say that has not already been said, and better. It was distinct

from all other human massacres in its size and scope and it was the first

organized attempt to murder an entire people, thus giving rise to the word


Although the sacrifice of the soldiers of the Allied armies liberated

Auschwitz and the other camps and defeated Nazism, the world in which we

live was built on the bones of its victims. The UN came into existence

because of it, and the State of Israel also, to safeguard forever the

remaining Jews and our special culture, religion and heritage.

It is commendable that a special session of the General Assembly of the UN

is being dedicated to this commemoration. Elie Wiesel spoke on behalf of

the survivors, and Sir Brian Eckhardt on behalf of the liberators. There

were heartfelt and moving addresses by FM Silvan Shalom of Israel, and

representatives of Poland, Germany (FM Joshcke Fischer) and the US (Dep.

Secty. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz). But, what is perhaps most notable is

that it took 60 years for such a special session to take place. Before now

the forces arrayed against Israel would not have allowed it to happen.

So why now? What has changed. Perhaps two things, first the past 50 years

of demonization of Israel around the world, in the UN, in the European

media, and amongst so-called liberals, has resulted in a culture of

tolerance for anti-Semitism that has not been seen since before WWII.

Second, the actions of militant Muslims, mostly in Europe, but also as

terrorist groups around the world has alerted the powers that be to the

dangers of ignoring these forces of intolerance and hatred once again. This

twin threat of anti-Semitism and terrorism has galvanized some countries to

take action.

On the same day that this special session of the GA took place in NY, the

headline in the Jerusalem Post reported record increases in anti-Semitic

acts around Europe, and notably a doubling of such acts in Britain, a

supposedly tolerant country. Since I come from Britain and grew up there

after WWII, I can testify that anti-Semitism has always been a fact of life

there. It is largely the “polite” kind, that accepts canards about Jews and

discriminates against them. Add to this the violent Islamo-fascists and the

influence of pro-Palestinian left-wing extremists, and you have a dangerous


It also cannot be pure chance that the same day (!) as the special session

on the Holocaust, PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced a temporary ceasefire

of the Palestinian terrorist groups (not yet confirmed). They demanded a

commitment from Israel not to continue attacks against them, but Israel

announced that if there are no rockets fired and no suicide bombings then

there will be no need for Israeli counter-actions. The passing of Yasser

Arafat, and the partial break-down of the Arab campaign of vilification

against Israel at the UN, have all contributed to this transformation.

But, it may be too little too late. The number in violent anti-Semitic acts

is still increasing, the Arab States have not made any commitment of peace

with Israel even if a negotiation does take place between Israel and the PA.

And in the background you have the hatred of Iran and Syria and Hizbollah

and all the murderous agents in Iraq, blowing up and killing mainly their

own people.

The millennium of peace has not yet dawned, and things may still get worse

before they get better, but we can say this for sure. While we have our own

State and our own army to protect us it will never happen again to the

Jewish people.


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