An edited version of this letter appeared today in The Jerusalem Post:

Dear Sir:
I was disgusted by the fact that Keren Yedaya, in the interview with her published in your newspaper (“Outside the frame,” Oct. 1, 2004), says that she does not regret the words she spoke upon receiving the Camera D’or prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her film “Or.”   She stated then that “I want to dedicate this film from the bottom of my heart to all the people who are not free, to those living in slavery…it’s very difficult for me to say this because I come from Israel and we are responsible for the slavery of three million Palestinians..” Not only is this demonstrably ridiculous, but most Palestinians are fighting to gain access to paid employment in Israel, and the fact that they cannot is due to the wave of terrorism that they have unleashed on innocent Israeli civilians, that she completely ignores.

There is something [so fundamentally sick,] perverted [and twisted] about an Israeli woman spouting in a very public forum the words of Israel’s enemies.  [This is a form of traitorous statement, a fundamental lie against her own country.] She herself identifies the Palestinians with prostitution, I wonder if they appreciate this. In effect she has prostituted herself for their cause.

[I for one intend to boycott her movies, and I call upon all Zionists and Israelis throughout the world to do so until she retracts this propagandistic statement. One wonders if she was required to make a statement like this in order to win this prize in France of all places, since it is difficult to conceive that there was no degree of pre-planning in such an inflammable comment.]

[She cannot hide behind the artist’s naiveté about the real world of politics, because she clearly has not changed her views upon reflection. I suggest that] if she really wants to make a movie about slaves let her make one about the plight of women in the Arab world, including the female mutilation that is so endemic there.

Jack Cohen



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